Your Online Report – Secrets Of Making Money Online From Home

Your Online Report and The Truth and Facts of Making Money Online

Make Money From Home Now | Make Money On Computer | Report – Video 1

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Thanks for expressing interest of obtaining this online report. Before getting to the link of this Report at the end of this page, I would appreciate if I could catch your attention for 15-20 minutes of your precious time for you to go through some interesting facts and truth about making money online and hope that it would benefit everyone who visited my site looking for the opportunities to work from home to make some extra cash with their own internet home based business. If you go through all the information here, you will find extra useful resources, links and additional eBook and useful tools to help you work at home to make money online in addition to the Report you will get at the end.

If you have just started out to look for opportunities to make money from home, the below facts and truth maybe helpful to you. Everything I said here can be found on this website. But I would just like to summarize everything in one place so as to make life easier for you when looking for ways to make money at home.

What Are The Ways of Making Money Online

There are many ways to make money online and basically there are 4 ways to do it in my website:

Make Money Taking Survey (click on link to start signing up with some survey sites and start making some extra cash)

Make Money With Data Entry (click on link to learn more)

Make Money With Master Resell Rights Products (I have collected 25 high quality products for all who wanted to succeed online. I have spend hundreds of dollars to purchase the master resell rights to these products but if you buy from me here, you only pay a one time fee of only $10 !!! and you can have the master resells right too and sell the products and gain 100% profit for yourself !!! You can also use these products yourself to succeed online too!!! Definitely a good bargain!!! Click on link to learn more…)

Make Money With Your Own Website

(this will be explained further below)

There are pros and cons of making money with the above 4 ways.With the first 2 ways, Make Money Taking Survey & Make Money With Data Entry, money could be made in a shorter time frame once survey is taken or data entry made. These 2 methods are good ways to earn the extra cash online and requires constant effort from you to take surveys and make data entry to have a continuous flow of money made. Once you stop, no money will be made.

With the last method, which is the best method to make money online in the long run, requires a lot of time and effort and marketing from you at the beginning after you have setup your website. Once you have found the system to make money with your website, this system will definitely make you money on autopilot after you have put in so much time and effort in it and will definitely benefit in the long run.

More Detail Information on Making Money With Your Own Website

The Last Method of making money with your own website is what I would like to share with you and to give you the basics to go about doing it. What I am going to describe here is just giving you some ideas and it all depends on you at the end of the day whether you want to take actions and put in the time and effort to make it happen.

The Real Truth and Facts about Making Money Online With Your Website

If you have search on the internet and trying to find products to help you make money from home, you should find their sales page promising you that you can make lots of money within a short period of time. There is always truth in all the sales page about making money but there are also some hidden facts that you may not know.

What Are True and What Are Hidden Facts

When I said that there is truth is that there is in fact money to be made online with your own website. But the hidden facts are that when some sales page say that you can make money within a short period of time, is that really true?

Facts That You Should Know

The fact that you may make money in a short period can be half true and half false. The true fact is that some people are making money in a short time because they have already found a system that will help them to do that. But the hidden fact that is never mentioned is that, to find this system that works, I can say that almost all of them took at least 1-2 years or more to get to there to find that system and start making some money. In fact, most of the successful Internet Marketers took at least a few years before they actually make it big online, of course after many trial and errors and many unsuccessful attempts and finally found the right system that works for them. So in short, yes, you can make money online in a short time but only after you have already found the right system after many trial and errors as well as after spending so much time and effort to find that system.

My Experience to Share With You

To be frank with you, I am not calling myself a really a big successful Internet Marketer who make millions but make enough for a comfortable life with this website that I have setup. I would just like to share with you how I first started and how I finally found a system that works for me and would like to share with all of you and hope to shorten your time in finding a system that may also help you earn the extra cash. But if you are looking for something to get rich quick scheme, then this is not the website for you.

You can see that almost all sales pages make big boast that you can make lots of money online within a short period of time (including me of course); this is just part of the online marketing effort. But with the system I am going to tell you, it will definitely shorten your time in making money online with your website compared to the time I have spent so far to find the system before it works for me.

Setting Up a Website and How You Make Money With It

After you have setup your website, how can you monetized with your website? Basically, there are a few ways that you can make money with your website and they are as follow:

Make Money by Placing Ads in Your Website

Make Money Selling Other People Products or Services

Make Money Selling Your Products or Services

Over here, I would like to talk about the first 2 ways of making money as these are 2 of the best ways of making money if you do not have your own products or services.

Make Money Placing Ads in Your Website

After you have set up your website, you can place advertisements in your site. This can be done after you have sign up with Google Adsense.

How this thing works here is that after signing up with Google Adsense and when you got approved, you will be given a code which you can put in your site. Once you put the code in your website, advertisement will start showing in your site related to the content you have put up in your site.

So how do these advertisements can make you money? Well, if someone clicks on any of these advertisements in your website, Google will pay you for the clicks generated. This is because advertisers have paid a certain amount of money to Google to advertise. You, the website owner and also known as the publisher, when showing these advertisements in your site and when someone click on it, part of the advertisers’ money paid to Google will also be paid to you. Does this sound simple?

Please Do Not Cheat The System

However, do not think that you can cheat the system by clicking on the advertisement in your own website as Google have a way to detect this and Google will definitely ban you and suspend your account. Once you got ban, you will seldom have the chance to reinstate your account. Also, do not try to be smart too by asking other people to click on your Advertisement as Google can detect this too. If you think you are smarter than Google, then you are wrong. Then why do you think they are multi billion company? They are definitely smarter than us!

Make Money Selling Other People Products or Services – Affiliate Program

Another way to make money at home through your website is to display affiliate links. So, how does affiliate program work?

With affiliate program, you are actually acting as the middleman between a company who are trying to sell their product or services, and the buyer of such products or services. What you do is to put an affiliate link in your website and whenever a visitor clicks on this link, they are directed to the products or services which the affiliate company is trying to sell. If the visitor bought something through your affiliate link, you get to earn a commission which sometime can turn out to be quite attractive and substantial. As a result, you get to make money online through affiliate marketing.

A Website Without Traffic Will Not Make Any Money

So, you have setup a website and sign up with Google Adsense and put in the codes. You have also put up affiliate links in your website trying to make some commission out of it. The next thing is to get people visit your site in order to make those sales and hoping people may click on your advertisements.

Getting traffic to your website is the most difficult part and takes the longest time to achieve. No matter how great a website is and how great the information are in the site, a website without any visitors is useless. Do not expect any people will visit your site once you setup without doing anything. Now I would like to cover the different ways to generate traffic to your site and what is the best one that works for me.

Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Site

There are many ways to generate traffic to your website and I will just put in the useful resources and their links so that you can download any additional eBook or tools that maybe useful to you from my website. Then you have to go through the details slowly as this cannot be explained here in just a few lines and can go on forever. Now, getting down to the details and the following are some of the main ways of driving traffic to your site:

Search Engine Optimization (click on link to learn more and get a SEO eBook)

Article Marketing (click on link to learn more)

Directory Submission (click on link to learn more and get a trial software)

Link Exchange (click on link to learn more)

Forums and Blogging (click on link to learn more)

Advertising and Traffic Exchange (click on link to learn more)

Google Adwords (Learn the Technique of How Google Adwords Can Drive Traffic to Your Website-Download an eBook by clicking on the hyperlink)

Video Marketing With Article Video Robot

(Use Coupon Code: limalan9950 to get a 50% discount only available in my website. You can see the demo first and get a 14 days trial first. If you decide to purchase, you can use the coupon code limalan9950 to get a 50% discount. You will  not get such a good discount from other website)

Download every reports or tools and get to read them slowly. You will never learn all techniques in just one day as it takes time. So concentrate on one first and master it before doing the next one. Remember to come back here for all the useful links.

The Path I Took To Make Money Online

Over here, I will be frank with you on the path on how I started to monetize this website that I have setup and how long it took me to really start to make some money.

I have first started this first website here on 13 February 2007 and the biggest headache that I have is to get visitors to my site to generate those sales and clicks on the advertisements in my site. In my first 8-9 months in IM, I tried to learn as much as possible from the eBooks I have bought and implement one thing to another to try generate traffic to my site. I have tried most of the techniques mentioned above but never fully concentrate on one.

The real fact that you should know is that more than 95% of the Internet Marketer fails in trying to make money online because either they do not take much actions and expected to just set up a website doing nothing and make money or they jump from one thing to another (just like me in the beginning) and finally give up, just before they are on the edge of succeeding.

This is all BS and you definitely have to put in a lot of time and effort to make that money online and also to be in consistent with what you are doing to find the right system that work for you.

Finally – What System Works for Me?

Finally, how do I come to a system that works for me? This is what I am going to tell you here.

Like I said before, I have set up this website and started to monetize it with Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. So what are the best method that really works for me to bring visitors to my website to generate those sales and clicks on the advertisements?

The best method that I finally concentrated on is on Article Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. You can learn more on those 2 links. I have tried all methods mentioned above, but these 2 methods are the best methods which work for me in bringing the most traffic to my site. This is also related to the Report which you will be downloading at the end of the webpage.

It took me almost 9 months into full swing and lots of action just by concentrating on the 2 above methods only to start making some profits.

Summary of the System that Works Best

Over here, I will summarize the system that works for me and it can be laid out as follows:

The Report You Are Waiting For

Download this REPORT which talks about BUM Marketing in bringing traffic to your setup website. It is a kind of Article Marketing. But after reading, you definitely need to take action on what you have read before you can discover how powerful this method can be in bringing traffic to your site and generate those sales and advertisement clicks.

Signup With One of The Best Web Hosting Company

After you have read the REPORT about Bum Marketing and you think that you are ready to take some actions, you should sign up with one of the best web hosting company known as HOSTGATOR and to get your first domain and host your first website. (Use Coupon Code limalan25off to get 25% discount from the normal price)

Signing Up With Google Adsense and Affiliate Program And Proof Of Me Using Article Marketing As The Main Source Of Website Traffic

After having a website, you should put up good content and information in your website so that visitors to your site may find it useful. Decide what you are good at and what you want to sell before putting up the contents for the website. If you do not know what content to put in, you can go to articles directories to search for contents. However, for the content you pick up from articles directories and put into your website, you need to ensure that all information is intact without any modification, including the author’s resource box. One of the best article directory that generate lots of traffic is Ezinearticles . Sign up here as this is also one of the best place where you can get content for your website as well as submitting your articles to in the future for bringing traffic to your site.

You can find my name Alan Lim in Ezinearticles to see that I have submitted more than 2000 articles for the past years which is one of the 2 methods I have concentrated to bring in all those long term targeted traffic to my site and also increasing my search ranking. You can see that in my website about making money online, its all about actions and no B.S stuff and the proof you have seen if you check out the link Alan Lim on the number of articles I have submitted so far. So why do you think I have spent so much time and effort submitting articles  and will continue doing so for many years to come? This is because I found this is the most power method in bringing long term targeted traffic to my website in the long run and have make me the extra money autopilot after putting in so much time and effort. I am really glad that I have made article marketing as the main source of my website traffic and now I am enjoying an autopilot income with my hard work. In addition, with article marketing, it helps in building up the backlinks to my sites and in the long run, also helps in the SEO effort with these backlinks from the article resources. This in turn will also help you rank well in the search engines and hence getting more traffic from the organic search engines.

After having put in your content in your site, you can start applying for Google Adsense. It may take up to a few weeks before approval.

After you got approved, you can then get the code to be put into your website to display the relevant advertisements. In addition, you can sign up with Clickbank or Commission Junction to sign up for affiliate programs.

Resources of the 2 Methods

You can go to Article Marketing and Search Engine Optimization to get more ideas of these 2 methods and also download more eBook (at Search Engine Optimization ) to learn more.

Turn Any Articles Into Live Talking Videos In One Click!

I believe you already know that article marketing is one of the best ways to generate targeted traffic and backlinks to your website. But there is another powerful tool that can be used to generate even more traffic. It’s called Video Marketing.

For The First Time In History, You Can Turn Your Articles To LIVE And TALKING Videos In Less Than 3 Minutes!

This groundbreaking technology is called the Article Video Robot and you can check it out at the hyperlink below:

Video Marketing With Article Video Robot

(You can use Coupon Code: limalan9950 to get a 50% discount only available in my website. You cannot find such a good discount elsewhere. This is specially negotiated for my subscribers only)

All you have to do is Copy & Paste Your Article Into This Software And it just

Converts Your Article Into A Hot Marketable Video Instantly!

You don’t even have to leave your desk or touch a camera!

Check out a demo of this app in action here at the below hyperlink:

(Use Coupon Code: limalan9950 to get a 50% discount only available in my website)

I Guarantee You That after you see this, it will Change Everything You Have Heard, Seen Or Tried In Article Or Video Marketing.

This is powerful powerful stuff – don’t miss it.

Take Lots of Actions Or Else You Will Never Succeed

Like I said before, if you expect to make lots of money without doing anything, then this is not the website for you. This website is only for people who are willing to learn and put in lots of action before they can succeed.

Give yourself a chance to make money online and start to take some actions now. But you need to be prepared to invest some money first like signing up with a Web Hosting Company like HOSTGATOR to host your first website. Also be prepared that it may take you some time before you start to make any money. It can range from 1 months to even 2-3 years, depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put in. For me, it took me almost 15 months before I start seeing some profit. That’s why I would like to shorten your time to provide the simplest system that works for me, which may also work for you, so that you can make money in a much shorter time compared to what I have achieved so far.

Start downloading the REPORT now and start reading and learning.  Setup your first website with HOSTGATOR and do lots of Article Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (Get a SEO eBook here) to get traffic. This should at least get you started on your path to make money online. Remember to Bookmark this webpage and come back again as there are so many good links to good resources which you can never learn in one day. Once you have master one technique in bringing traffic to your website, then proceed to another. Stick to one at a time.

Some More Good Resources To Make Life Easier

In addition to the above resources and links, if you started to make some money and are willing to invest back, you may find some of the resources maybe worth investing.

Outsourcing Your Articles

If you find writing articles too difficult, there are freelancer out there who are willing to do the job for you at a small fee. One good website is at Freelancer. Over here, you could find good writers who are willing to write articles for a fee. Signup with Freelancer if you want to outsource your article writing. If you have skills like doing logo design, website creation, writing articles etc, you can also check out Freelancer and be a member ( no fee required to sign up as a member of Freelancer) and start offering your services and make some money with the skills and talent you have. It maybe difficult in the beginning as you need to built up credibility before people start seeing you as an expert in your area before they are willing to invest in you in providing your service to them.

In addition, I would like to say that Freelancer is really a great place to get articles and most of my articles are outsourced here. It is really worth the investment to get your articles here.

Make Money With Master Resell Rights Products

If you have been buying lots of products while trying to make money online, I believe that the price of each eBook can cost easily from 10USD-49USD these days. The worse part is that after buying eBooks after eBooks, maybe only less than 10% of these are worth buying. I have gone through this stage after wasting so much money on these eBooks. This is a learning curve anyway. Without this investment, I would not reach at this stage to make a full time income after I have lost my job in Jan2010. I found myself lucky that I am already 3 years into earning quite a good income part time online when I got the notice from my company for the termination of my service with the company for almost 13 years. Anyway, this is the past and I look forward now everyday for this opportunity with earning a full time income and now I am enjoying my time with my family and earning an income for a comfortable life.

Having gone through this 3 years of hard work finding ways to learn how to make an income online, what you have read above is just a glimpse of what I did to make the extra cash. There are in fact thousands of ways to enhance your income. So, after all these years, I have finally accumulated good experiences, including failures and investing lots of money on eBooks as well as tools to assist me along the way, I decided to come out with a very good one time offer for you to succeed on your road to a full time online income. You should head on to the link below for a list of 25 top quality products that you could get a hand on only at a price of less than 1. Visit the link below to know more what these 25 products are and what they can do for you. You will be in for more surprise in addition to these 25 high

quality products. Click on the link below to know what is this surprise !!!.

Make Money With Master Resell Rights Products

These are top high quality products you can use for your own and at the same time you have master resell rights and sell them like your own and keep 100% profit. This is what I foresee the online internet marketing will go and people will start getting into this trend selling master resell rights products more than ever. Get into the boat now and earn big before a lot of people get into this boat and grab the money first. The trend of making money online changes with times and we have to follow fast or else when we get in too late, by the time you get in, people have already made a lot and move on with the new trend and we are left behind with only leftovers which becomes only residual income and not the huge cash for those who have come in first. I will stop all this long talk. Go to the link below to know more about what this new trend is all about.

Make Money With Master Resell Rights Products

WOW, You Are Still Around, That’s Great. My Last Advice

Thanks for reading all the stuff up till here. Hope that I did not bore you to death with all the above details and that they are useful to you. Once again, I don’t consider myself as that very successful, but just enough to make a comfortable living out of it. My last advice for everyone here is that whatever you have bought or downloaded in this website, you still have to put in lots of time, effort and actions on what you have read and apply it or else you will definitely not succeed. Do not waste your money and time here if you don’t intend to put in any time and effort in building up your success online.

Do not despair or give up easily as time and effort will definitely pay off in the end and will definitely benefit you in the long run. I found myself just lucky enough that I persist and finally make it after almost 15 months into internet marketing and start seeing profit and keep on growing after that. Hope that with the information and resources all provided to you here in one place, it could cut down your time tremendously and lessen your effort in achieving financial freedom much sooner than me.


The “Internet Business Live Video Home Course” By Two Top Brainers

Above is just a brief layout of how you can make money online easily. Now is a chance for you to take up this “Internet Business Live Video Home Course” brought to you by 2 Top multi millionaires of Asia, Ewen Chia and Patric Chan.  Together, they have more than 20 years of experiences in making money on the internet. I am honored to be able to work with these 2 top internet marketers and become the Licensee and Authorized distributor to bring you “The Internet Business Live Video Home Course“.  This home course provide you a comprehensive and detail training with lots of videos to guide you, therefore there is no reason for you not to start making money online starting today. Check out the banner below right now for more details.

All the best and good luck and hope that you can learn something from here.

Alan Lim

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