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What Is SEO And How It Works

Posted By: Alan Lim

What Is SEO And How It Works

SEO is the short term for Search Engine Optimization. So, what is seo and how it works? Before you can really benefit from search engine optimization, what you need to know is to first understand the various aspects of it before you can apply the knowledge of SEO.

If you have been online for quite a while, the term SEO should be a familiar acronym to you. If you are just a person casually browsing on the internet, this term may mean nothing to you. However, if you are an Internet marketer, then it is imperative for you to pay attention to SEO and understanding what it is all about…

what is seo and how it works


Some Of The SEO Basics That You Should Know

As mentioned above, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The name itself should give you a hint what it is all about. Basically, SEO is a technique used online to help increase the search engine rankings of your sites. Remember in the last POST where I did briefly mentioned SEO when doing research on the keywords with the Micro Niche Finder Keyword Research Tool? Not only you have to carry out your keywords research carefully, you also need to make sure that the keywords that you are targeting will rank high in the search engines so that you can get tons of organic traffic for free.

Ranking At The Top Of Search Engine Is Not Random In Nature

Just quoting as an example, if you are trying to sell a course on how to play guitar, you might after carrying out some research with Micro Niche Finder keyword tool to target with a keyword like “learn to play guitar”. If someone searches for this term, you definitely want to be ranked at the top of the search results. This kind of rankings is definitely not random in nature. They are basically based on different sets of algorithms that the different search engines used to rank the search phrase. Although each search engine may use some different factors or elements to help determine the rankings, SEO is quite standard.

Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimization?

Have you ever wonder why SEO play a very important part in your online business? The best way to answer this question is by going to the Big G, Google, to carry out a search on any keywords or key phrases related to what you are promoting or selling through your own website. There is a very high chance that you will come up with many pages of search results. You will definitely be competing with tons of other similar websites for your ranking.

So, does it really matter how you rank in the search engine? Absolutely, yes. Put yourself in the shoes of a person who is carrying out a search online and their usual habits, this includes you of course. If you are searching for something specific in particular, the chances of you getting past the second or third page of the search results to get and find what you are looking for is very slim. As a result, webpages that rank high in the search engine, especially those in the first page, are likely the ones that will get the most organic traffic. The more traffic to your website means more exposure and in turns means more likely potential customers. With more likely potential customers come visiting your website, the better chance of higher revenue for your business. In short, if you understand and use search engine optimization more effectively, you will have a greater success in your business with your online website. SEO is all this simple.

What Is On Page Optimization And Off Page Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization basically can be classified into 2 categories. This is mainly the on page optimization and the off page optimization.

What Is SEO Writing And How Is It Related To On Page Optimization In SEO?

SEO on page optimization is basically related to the way the content were written for your website/blog or the articles you are writing to be submitted to the articles directories. It is something within your control as it is related to your SEO writing ability of your content. In brief, it is related to your keyword research with a keyword tool like Micro Niche Finder and putting your keywords into the right area of your content. These areas include the title tag (roughly the first 60-65 characters are recognised by the search engines robots), the description tag ( roughly the first 150-160 characters in the description tag are important), the keyword tag( which many people say that it play not so important role these days, but no harm adding it) as well as the keyword density of the keywords that are spread through the content (a good guide is about 2-3% keyword density). In addition, there are also the H1 tag for your keywords as well as “bolding” your keywords only once in the content of the website/blog or articles.

On page optimization in seo is basically described as above and if you can master your writing skill with the right content layout in your website/blog or articles, you have already overcome a portion of you SEO effort to rank high in the search engines.

What Is Off Page Optimization In SEO?

Off page optimization in seo is related to getting backlinks to your website/blog. This is basically the backlinks which contain your keyword in the hyper text link back to your own website. In simple html format, it is something like that:

<a href=””>your keyword</a>


“” is your website/blog URL

your keyword: is the keyword which you are targeting at and trying to rank

The more backlinks you have (which contain your keyword), the better chance of ranking high for the keywords you are targeting.

What Are The Off Page Optimization Techniques You Can Use

There are various off page optimization techniques you can use to get those backlinks to your own website/blog or articles which contain the keywords that you are trying to rank. This include techniques like article marketing(with a backlink in your resource box), forum baclinking, profiles backlinking, social web 2.0 backlinking, blog posting and commenting backlinking, etc. Just to name a few.

A combination of the on page seo, and especially off page seo backlinking techniques, is the key to your success to your online search engine ranking to get organic free traffic.

What Is Seo Services Or Can I Handle My Own SEO

There are in fact many professionals out there who are willing to do the SEO work for you but these services do not come cheap. In fact, it is a mistake that most internet marketers make when they outsource the SEO effort to these professionals. They could do SEO by themselves and save the extra high COST. All they need to understand and know is to research on their keywords properly and then do the proper on page optimization of the content for their websites/blogs or articles, as well as off page optimization.

However, another important thing to take note of is that SEO is not purely about writing a whole bunch of random words and then throwing in a few keywords. The content also need to be strong and convincing and of high quality.

If you have written a bunch of fluff for search engine optimization purpose, most search engines can figure this out. What’s the point of ranking high with some poorly written content, when you are not able to hold the interest of your potential customers long enough in order for you to close the possible deal.

More Detail Information About Search Engine Optimization

Above are just some of the basics that you should know about SEO. However, there are more to this and if I were to write the whole stuff about SEO, it can take more than 50 pages. There is in fact a very good book on SEO which you can download from the link below. Once you master it right, you can even be an SEO expert and offer your service and earn an income online !!! So, go now to the link below to download the book.

Download SEOMadeEasy

Hope that the above POST can help you and give you an insight of what SEO is all about. All comments are welcomed.


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18 Responses to “What Is SEO And How It Works”

  1. Rhia says:

    Thanks for the overview. In this article, you mention backlinks – that’s an area of SEO that interests me. Any tips on how to create quality backlinks to my site, and quickly? Is that a topic that SEO Made Easy covers?

  2. vivian says:

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for writing this informative article.The SEOMadeEasy you have shared is very useful,especially for newbies like me.^^

  3. KK Au says:

    Hi Alan,

    Simply fantastic! There’re always new thing to learn on your website. The information are really awesome and valuable. I can’t wait for what you’re going to share next. You’ve really made Internet Marketing and Online Business that easier to understand.

    Thank you so much,

  4. Paul Mastalski says:

    Great post! I?m just starting out in community management/marketing media and trying to learn how to do it well ? resources like this article are incredibly helpful. As our company is based in the US, it?s all a bit new to us. The example above is something that I worry about as well, how to show your own genuine enthusiasm and share the fact that your product is useful in that case

  5. kylea says:

    If I am understanding right SEO helps your article appear sooner then other peoples articles when someone does a google search? It may be worth looking into but I feel like I saw a seo type thing on freelancers sites, with so many job postings I am sure someone would be willing to figure out something.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi kylea

      Indeed SEO is a valuable skill to have. Not only you could rank high for your websites to increase revenue, with the skill you have, you could also provide SEO services and charge a fee for this. That explain why there are so many freelancer services out there offering SEO services. Hope this POST can give you some insights and do download the report for more detail insights on SEO.

  6. Martha Dailey says:

    I absolutely love your blog and find a lot of your post’s to be what precisely I’m looking for. can you offer guest writers to write content to suit your needs? I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on most of the subjects you write about here. Again, awesome web log!

  7. Catherine says:

    Would you say the Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of running and promoting an online business, or really just any sort of website in general?

    Just a quick glance around the internet and various online business blogs and it seems pretty obvious that SEO is a prominent figure.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Catherine

      SEO is not everything when it come to online business. But it can be one of the important element of getting your sites rank high and getting lots of free organic traffic if done correctly. But remember, what works today may not work in the future as SEO keeps evolving and you need to keep yourself up to date if you want to stay in the game.

  8. Lisa says:

    Hi! This is very informative. I learned a lot from what you have discussed about SEO. It seems that I still have lots of things to learn especially the techniques for Offpage Optimization. I’m glad you shared a book about SEO so that we could learn more. Thank you!

  9. Tien Chi says:

    Anyone who is writing articles and expecting people to see them, and furthermore looking to make money from website traffic must undoubtedly know about SEO and how it works. As a theater major, I like to think of SEO as the beating heart of all articles. They are the life force that reaches out to others as they are captivated by a really good article. Of course, there is a fine line between SEO being a good thing or just being exploited and overdone in a cheap, scam-appearing way. Many great websites take advantage of it in a proper way, and it shows in search results and long-term sales.

  10. Peter R. says:

    SEO is really a a complex thing to learn, but vital if you are ever going to get your website onto its feet. In fact, one quick Google search for the keyword SEO will land you on hundreds of websites explaining it and directing you to books of information on it. it is really a complex thing. As is evident on this website, there are quite a few marketing tools which were developed to help people out with SEO, by minimizing time and effort (amongst other things). I’ve seen some people work on the SEO content of their websites for hours on end, and undoubtedly it can be very tiring and strenuous. All the work is worth it though when your website gets up in search engines (and stays there). Alan, Thanks for putting up all the information together in your blog.

  11. Jada says:

    I just started learning about SEO and I’m glad I came across this article. I want to learn more and hopefully it would help me get ranked high in search engines. I haven’t really tried a keyword tool yet. I’m interested to use the Micro Niche Finder Keyword Research Tool. Thanks a lot!

  12. Tejadilla says:

    Hi! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!