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WP Blog Themes | Best Blog Theme | Atomic Blogging Theme Review

Posted By: Alan Lim

WP Blog Themes | Best Blog Theme | Atomic Blogging Theme Review

WP blog themes are released more often than ever, however the best wp themes are those that can be tailored to a specific bloggers’ needs without too many complications, and have an overall pleasant and easy appearance to them. The best blog theme I’ve found to date is the Atomic Blogging Theme, which is tailored especially for affiliate marketers and their respective blogs and this is the theme I am using for this blog.

When blog themes are catered towards those of us that use our blogs to market, it is a clear benefit both towards our own blogs and to those that we are marketing for and towards. The best blog themes are themes that work for both the blogger and the reader, rather than a theme that is cumbersome to read or cumbersome to maintain. Thankfully, the atomic blogging theme, in my opinion, is both easy to maintain and amazingly accessible for all types of readers.

Atomic Blogging Theme

Atomic Blogging Theme

The Atomic Blogging Theme is customized quite easily and can be customized by just about any blogger, making it an ideal theme even for those who don’t have much blogging or scripting experience. And even if, like me, you do have a good amount of experience in the area, it is a nice break for customizing a blog theme to be a breeze!

Question #1: Why Should I Get The Atomic Blogging Theme—It Costs Money!


There are hundreds if not thousands of wordpress themes available for purchase or even free download today, and most of them claim to be the best wp themes or even the best blog themes. This makes for a tough competitive market when trying to sell wp blog themes, especially if the theme must be purchased and can’t simply be downloaded and utilized for free. After all, why pay for one theme when you can get a different theme for free? The reason that I feel the Atomic Blogging Theme is the best blog theme for purchase is that it’s not like all the other wordpress themes you’ve seen before.

In the dark days of marketing blogging, you would have to know experienced code to be able to do what the Atomic Blogging Theme manager does with the click of a mouse. And that, my friends, is what makes this theme the ultimate blogging theme for marketers and one worth buying.

In addition to being easily customizable, the theme comes pre-loaded with plenty of graphics that you are free to use. This is an especially useful feature for those that don’t like to create their own graphics, or simply don’t have the ability to do so.

Atomic Blogging Theme

Question #2: What If I Don’t Want To Use The Pre-Uploaded Images And Headers?


You don’t have to! Although the Atomic Blogging Theme layout manager comes packed with over hundreds of headers from a secret web resource that you are free to use, you naturally aren’t forced to display these headers on your blog. If you’d like to use your own graphics, you can create and upload your own headers and other blog graphics to use on your wordpress marketing blog.

Atomic Blogging Theme

Question #3: How Will This Theme Help Me Make Money?


The simple answer to this is that this theme will help you make money in a more stress free and work free way. AdSense and ClickBank are both popular money making ad affiliates that the theme has built into each theme layout you create, as well as each post. The Atomic Blogging Theme comes packed with tips, tools, tutorial videos and even built-in features that will push you on the path to making online using your online marketing blog. The built in AdSense, optimized for your use, is a great feature that makes using AdSense simple. This way, you can spend less time on fiddling with AdSense settings and script, and simply know in advance that AdSense will be optimized for each entry you make on your blog. ClickBank Ads are also built into the Atomic Blogging Theme, adding another layer of money making to your lucrative blog.

Atomic Blogging Theme

Question #4: Will This Theme Allow Me To Stay Connected To My Other Social Media Websites?


Of course! Marketing through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more is an important part of online marketing. When your blog can be linked to other accounts on these sites, you increase the chance of higher traffic and thus a higher profit from your blog.

The Atomic Blogging Theme takes the often time consuming and complicated process of linking each and every social media website and condenses it down to a few links and clicks of your keyboard. The layout manager does the rest and links each social media site you decide to affiliate with in a professional and easy manner.

Atomic Blogging Theme

Question #5: How Will I Use The Theme If I Don’t Know A Thing About HTML And Coding?


The theme manager will do the work for you! This theme is easily used by just about anyone who deals with online marketing blogging.

The most obvious example of this is the extremely simple and yet comprehensive Blog Layout Manager that the theme uses. Now, many blog themes offer a simple customizable template for you to use. You can edit text descriptions, add headers, or even move pieces of your blog around. The Atomic Blogging Theme offers 22 different combinations of layouts, and each of these combinations is even further customizable by what you want to add or delete from the layout. If you want a layout that focuses heavily on the blog content, with headers and ads in the background, you can have that. If you want a layout that is mainly advertisements and click-links, but still maintains a blog-like appearance, you can have that too. You can make just about any type of layout using the manager, and you don’t even need scripting experience!

Atomic Blogging Theme


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46 Responses to “WP Blog Themes | Best Blog Theme | Atomic Blogging Theme Review”

  1. Vivian says:

    The theme you are using now is really great for both internet marketers and readers. It is so neat and readable, not to mention all the functions included that will make blogging work so much easier.

  2. Loreen Geraldine says:

    WordPress can be both a great blogging platform and a pain in the you know what at the same time. This is especially true for bloggers who are just using it as a completely free service, which is possible; but also rather hectic. Granted, some people may only be using their blog as a sort of public journal (that seems like a paradox, but I’ll leave it be). However, anyone looking to take their blog to a new level; especially if they are looking to get a lot of viewers (and return viewers no less); sometimes paid themes are much better than FREE ones.

    From my own experience with experimenting different themes, the Atomic Blogging Theme would definitely be wise to check!

    Alan, thanks for providing this great review on the existence of such great theme.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Loreen Geraldine

      I have been using this them for my blog and you must agree how clean this theme is and I have no doubt that you will like it very much after you have tried it out.

  3. Joshua says:

    At bullet point number 5 you point out that a person does not need to know much (if any) HTML and coding to get their layouts looking great. I have seen built-in programs like these in other websites (if I remember correctly Myspace used something like this, I’m not positive though as its been ages since I’ve cared about that site). Anyways, what I am getting at is that they undoubtedly come in handy and make working with WordPress in particular much easier. Pair that with the other things you pointed out, and this is really a must buy by any standard.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Joshua

      Yes, I did mention that “a person does not need to know much (if any) HTML and coding to get their layouts looking great” as all this will be transparent to you as all you need to know is a simple interface and choose the design and layout you like.

      With such a simple interface, it is fast to use and help to save you lots of time and headaches in figuring out those complicated coding to get the best out of your blog.

      I know that you will definitely like the atomic blogging theme :)

  4. Bente He says:

    I think the keyword for this article could really be “streamline.” That is because the atomic blogging theme does streamline all the work a person has to put into a blog; especially the layout and behind the scenes work. If you purchase this, you will have much more time to work on quality content to put on your blog; as opposed to working day and night on your layout and all of the things that need to be put in place that most users cannot see.

  5. Lars Marion says:

    I have tried out the atomic blogging theme, thanks in part to reading your overview of it in this article. I just thought I would return and thank you for the information you provided. There is really a depth behind this theme that is hard to come by in others that you can buy for WordPress. I would say that if someone is looking to get into blogging, especially in a more professional way and attempting to make some money out of it, getting this theme will really help streamline that process. The built-in Adsense feature really took this theme over the top for me. Working with Adsense can be really tedious in other scenarios, but here it is very simply. I think what may scare some people from buying this is the fact that it is a “theme.” The reality is that this “theme” is more like a piece of software that comes bundled with multiple useful things.

  6. Louis says:

    The atomic blogging theme sounds like it could really come in handy, even if someone isn’t particularly keen on the actual layout(s) it provides. There seem to be a lot of customization options, which allows for a person to really revamp the layout they currently are using. This sort of makes sense with the use of the word “atomic” as when you purchase this you can really play with every detail, micro and macro, of the blog layout. There also seem to be a lot of behind the scenes things in it too, which makes it even better.

    I have been trying to find a good theme to use for my blog and this review really come in handy. Thanks to the websmaster for providing such a detail review !!!

  7. Carmen says:

    I’m glad I stumbled upon this article. I recently just started up a WP blog, and have been at a standstill looking for themes that would best service my needs. In all honesty, I have found WordPress to be sort of complicated in terms of setting up a layout, especially as a free member. While I’m not particularly in the need of buying a theme (as I only just began my blog and have not really set it up to be profitable or even searchable in the least), it’s nice to be able to see some articles on why particular themes are deemed “the best.” While this will always be subjective in a lot of ways, you have laid out some great reasons for buying the atomic blogging theme. I will definitely return if my blog ever takes a turn for the better and I’m ready to upgrade to something more professional looking.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Carmen

      The atomic blogging theme is already professional enough and there is no need for any upgrade after that.

      Since you are new to using wordpress, what I can say that you have pick the right platform to start with as it is in fact the best and simplest to learn and get started compared to the other many types of software available out there to built a website.

      You will definitely get the hang of it after you have play around much with it and will enjoy in the process.

      Good luck and to your online success

    • Stretch says:

      A wonderful job. Super helpful information.

  8. pankaj garg says:

    we always search for various things on internet. And a good blogging theme is an utmost requirement to a blogger. This article explains a lot about the various themes and ways to use them. Thx for the review.

  9. Srikanth says:

    I used these themes for blog. These are nice and looking good.I found Both professional and personal themes. I appreciate your blog. Looking for more themes in future

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Srikanth

      Great to hear that you also use this theme for your website. Hope that you too have great experience with this theme like me :)

  10. Edna says:

    I have been looking for a blog themed that will make more appropriate for my google adsense. I think this Atomic blog theme will be just fine. Iam not familiar with html and coding and with Atomic blog theme it seems I will get away from it and still make the best from my blog. This is a very informative article for the likes of me being new in blogging.

  11. sam says:

    Great product to automate a blog. is it the one your using here?

  12. erick says:

    I should say that this is amazing having a autoblogging on my laptop. This software has many things that can help me in creating a blog. It has many features that you can use plus this is a user friend type. I think this is the first product that ive seen so far. I will definitely buy this one.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi erick

      Just a quick note that this is not an auto blogging software. Rather it is a theme you can use to maximize your revenue with the layout provided in the theme. Hope this will clear out some misconception you have about the atomic blogging theme.

  13. mtrguanlao says:

    I am planning to make a blog and this is very useful to me! The question and answer portion here is helpful. Learned many things about blogging especially with regards to themes.

  14. Zebgul Khan says:

    Well, I felt surprized when I reach on your blog because of the beauti of them which is so simple but very attractive. I was using WP as a free user but I left it because of complacity during using and I was unable to add my own choices as per my need. I wish to learn from you how to utilize atomic them as per my needs step by step if you could guide me, will you?

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Zebgul Khan

      The atomic blogging theme comes with tutorial videos and I am sure they are very well laid out and anyone will have no problem using it.

      • totalonline says:

        this product information is useful for me to be planning to create a blog with wordpress. so glad to read the comments here.
        to remember other readers. purchase premium themes for satisfaction of blogging

  15. Becky says:

    An easy-to-use theme software with click-and-go functionality in a world where all the best free themes are a good deal more difficult to use is certainly worth the money–but I could see some seasoned HTML experts passing up the ease of use to save that money. If I had the skill, I would use it.

    The Atomic theme is what your using right now, I suppose; it’s very neat and readable. I don’t blog, but I can pass this information on to somebody who does. (This is a well written and concise article that makes a good argument for the subject–very good.)

  16. Sandeep Anand says:

    best part of anything is obviously money & this theme of yours make be belief that its easy to earn money.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Sandeep Anand

      This theme can help you have a good layout with minimum coding knowledge. It is easy to use with video tutorials.

  17. Frank G says:

    There are so many themes out there, but I haven’t heard of Atomic before. How does this compare with others like Thesis or Genesis? They all are beginning to sound the same to me, so I would be interested in learning your thoughts as to why this theme is better than the rest?

  18. Helme says:

    Wow this theme is versatile! Is it easy to add the sharing/social media buttons?

    The blog layout system sounds good. Is it possible to drag and drop what you want to create or are there preset layouts?

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Helme

      Adding the sharing/social media buttons is a breeze. You do not have to worry how to go about using this theme as they have very detail video tutorial to help you make your blog look the best and fits your needs. :)

  19. Kalea says:

    I cannot tell a lie, that really helped.

  20. Eden says:

    I didn’t know that blog themes can also help you make more money online. This article enlightened me. Atomic Blogging Theme seems promising. I just started a blog for my affiliate marketing and I’d love to use this theme. I think it’s worth a try! Thanks!

  21. RungBanaag52 says:

    I’m now not sure the place you are getting your information, but great topic. I must spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for excellent information I was on the lookout for this information for my mission.