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Aweber Email Autoresponder Software Review | Online Email Marketing Tool

Posted By: Alan Lim

Aweber Email Autoresponder Software Review | Online Email Marketing Tool

Aweber is the top email autoresponder software out there on the market today, with many features and excellent customers’ service. If you are looking for the perfect email marketing tool for all of your online email marketing needs, look no further than Aweber, the best email auto responders software available on the market right now.

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Mind Blowing Tip #1: Why Email Marketing Software Is Important For You
email autoresponder software

email autoresponder software

You might be asking yourself: Why do I need an email marketing tool at all? It’s an excellent question to pose, and one that is easily answered. Before the dawn of the internet age, most mass marketing and advertising had to be done through regular postal mail, magazine ads, newspaper ads, and television commercials. While all of these were viable ways to introduce products or other media on the market, it was hardly a guaranteed way to send your advertising to the eyes of thousands or even millions of users. This has all changed! Now that the internet is considered a household priority in many households, internet advertising is more important than ever.

In this digital age, online email marketing is one of the most lucrative and expanding tools for marketing your products, online blogs, and any number of businesses and services. People use their emails every day for a multitude of purposes. Offices may use emails in order to communicate with business partners and employees. Universities may use emails in order to communicate with their students. Consumers use them to sign up for online store newsletters, to receive online coupons and shopping deals, and to keep up with new products uploaded to online web stores. Outside of consuming, people use them for dozens of other reasons. Personal correspondence, reading blog updates, sending files and photos between friends and so much more. With fast internet and internet ready phones and mobile devices more popular and widespread than ever, many people check their email not only when they are in the comfort of their own home, but during work breaks, before classes, while entertaining with friends, and any number of daily occasions.

Why are the internet age and the advent of mobile devices so important? The internet age allows you to contact potential views within seconds. Online email marketing is an almost guaranteed way to have your product be seen. As long as your email is not considered spam or junk advertising, it will most likely be read by hundreds, thousands or maybe even millions! If you are able to send your “product” – whether your product is a newsletter, advertisement, blog update, web promotion or any another document—to a high amount of people people at one time, you have shortened the time it takes to market your product and expanded your viewer base with a click of a computer mouse. And with the popularity of mobile devices connected to the internet, your emails have more of a chance of being read while browsing during downtime at work or another activity.

Now that you know why online email marketing is important, let’s take a look at email autoresponder software. Email autoresponder software is an email marketing tool that automatically sends pre-written emails—whether they are advertisements, blog updates, etc—to a list of designated email addresses.

Before email auto responders software became the normal email marketing tool, a business would have had to manually input dozens, hundreds or thousands of emails in order to contact their viewing base. But now, software can do this for you! All you have to do is set up the software and make sure to periodically update the software with your advertisements, newsletters, blog updates or emails that you would like sent. Online email marketing is now more streamlined than ever.

Mindblowing Tip #2: How Aweber Can Accelerate Your Marketing

Aweber is exceptional email autoresponder software that is designed to make its tools easy to use even for those who have little to no experience in online email marketing. Email autoresponder software automatically sends out emails to lists of email addresses that you create. Aweber allows you to customize its service to suit your personal needs. You can adjust the timeframe to send out an email every day, every other day, every week, every month—in whatever timeframe you’d like! You can choose to upload your advertisements, newsletters or whatever it is that you’d like to email well in advance and let Aweber run automatically –or you can update Aweber as you go along with the emails that you would like to send.

The best part about Aweber is that it is easy enough for almost anyone to use.

You don’t need to know everything about layouts or design in order to create custom newsletters for your readers. If you are sending out newsletters to assist with your online email marketing, Aweber has many of your bases already covered for you! There are over many templates to choose from, and each is customizable for color and other layout decisions. If you prefer your newsletters without any frills, a plain newsletter is also an acceptable option. Not only does Aweber provide newsletter templates designed to make creating your newsletter easy and fun, but it can also convert blog posts that you make into newsletters—and then send them out without any additional requirements on your end!

Aweber’s automatic blog conversion tool is especially helpful to those that want to market their services or products on both a blogging format and through email to ensure a maximum amount of readers. Simply update your blog and be rest assured that Aweber would take care of the rest!

Now, you may be thinking at this point. So what if Aweber is email autoresponder software… I’ll never know who actually reads my emails. But you’re wrong! Aweber comes with an amazing Performance Tracker that allows you to view many stats related to your online email marketing newsletters and emails. You can tell who on your list actually opened your email, and who left it alone. You can track who clicked the links within your email, how much revenue was created from the emails you sent out, and if anybody purchased a product using links sent to them through your email. How amazing is that? Very amazing, I’d say.

Mindblowing Tip #3: When To Use Email Marketing And Why

Online email marketing is not necessarily for every type of advertising, but it is very helpful for most businesses, blogs or advertisers. Email auto responder tools are ideal for those who would like to send out a mass amount of identical emails to a list of people. If you are sending out newsletters, coupons, advertisements, product updates or blog updates to a list of emails, then you should consider using an email auto responder tool. If you frequently include revenue ads or affiliate links in your blog posts, newsletters or other emailed documents, then you should consider using an email auto responder tool. Online email marketing is best used for generating ad and click based revenue, as well as when you want to ensure a wide reader base for your newsletter or update.

Mindblowing Tip #4: Don’t Be Worried About Missed Emails

One of the reasons Aweber is considered the best email autoresponder tools on the market today is its high reliability. Many other email marketing tool products are simply not capable of passing through the most popular email hosts – such as Yahoo and Gmail—spam and junk filters, and sent emails are lost forever after being labeled as spam. If your email and thus the email autoresponder tool is labeled as spam and junk, you will have a very difficult time in getting your emails to your readers—and there goes your views and possible revenue. Some email marketing tools have programming glitches and errors, or simply poor programming itself, that cause sent emails to bounce back and never be seen by their intended recipients. And some tools are simply not reliable at getting your emails sent on time every time.

When your newsletter needs to be sent at certain times and within a certain time frame, all of these issues are highly problematic. Aweber, however, has guaranteed reliability and even offers a free tool to test how spam-like your emails sound. If they sound too much like spam and are likely to get put into a spam or junk folder, the Aweber tool lets you know and you can adjust your wording accordingly.

Which leads me to my final tip…

Mindblowing Tip #5: Why You Should Use Aweber

Aweber is, put simply, a high-class email auto responder tool. Some of the great features such as tracking which I discussed above are supplemented by even more special features!

Unlike many email auto responder tools, Aweber allows for an unlimited amount of email lists and emails per account. This is a very uncommon feature in an online marketing tool, and it is one of the reasons Aweber is the top tool in its class.

In addition to unlimited emails and their surefire reliability which I discussed above, Aweber has excellent customer service that it is well known for. Aweber provides customer service that is genuinely knowledgeable in the product and services they offer, and their customer service is well known for being intelligent, customer-oriented and truly sympathetic to any issues you are having with your Aweber product. What more can you ask for?

Actually, you can still ask for more: Aweber provides potential customers with a free test drive of its services for a full month. If you don’t like it, cancel your account and be on your way—but it’s almost a guarantee that you won’t want to switch products once you test drive the best email autoresponder software on the market!

My Conclusion :

Based on some internet marketing experts, normally it takes at least seven or even more exposures to ads before any online customers are convinced enough to purchase services or products. It would definitely be tedious and also very difficult for any online marketer to keep sending ads and any marketing messages to online consumers manually. This explain why AWeber Communications, which is currently one of the top company providing such effective email auto responder software, could be a helpful tool for your online marketing effort.

Such email autoresponder software program tool can help in your online email marketing efforts in luring prospective customers and at the same time retaining existing clientele. By taking care of sending message automatically in response to online inquiries from email recipients and contacts, it can also save you lots of time compared to carrying out these tasks manually. Personally, I have proven that using the AWeber’s system is definitely effective as it helps conversion, keeping things organized, maximizing your marketing efforts as well as saving you lots of your precious time. The most important of all, it helps bolster your online profits!

For a detail demo, check out the video below


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53 Responses to “Aweber Email Autoresponder Software Review | Online Email Marketing Tool”

  1. Jessica says:

    When I first opened my store years ago, I used to send out newsletter quite often with pretty good results. Now, I send out newsletters a little less frequently, mostly due to lower interest from my customers – my overall sales are up, but it doesn’t seem to be coming from my newsletter. I’ll see what Aweber has to offer – maybe with a little alterations to my email newsletters I can get my sales up higher than ever!

  2. ellen says:

    Aweber looks interesting. I like the fact that you mentioned that I can organize all of my sites different lists with one tool. Right now my mailing lists are not too troublesome to manage, but I would like to make my marketing more effective so I will give Aweber a try!

  3. Harriet says:

    I’ve seen email autoresponders before, and wasn’t all too impressed. I think the thing that sets Aweber apart is the ability to track the views of the mass emails. I’ve been looking for an easier way to analyze my stats, and this might be it. Thanks for letting me know about Aweber!

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Harriet

      There will be even more other powerful features that you will discover when using Aweber Autoresponder. The more you explore, the more you will find how amazing and powerful this service can help in your email marketing effort. So do make full use of the many powerful features available to get the most out of your investment. :)

  4. Trevor says:

    I use a newsletter as an important part of may online marketing strategy. I’ve had pretty good results with it, but I feel like I could do better. Aweber looks like a valuable tool in tracking and improving my newsletter effectiveness. Do you have any other tips for maximizing the impact of newsletters?

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Trevor

      What I can advise is that send valuable information to your subscribers. Do not always try to sell to them. Only recommend items that can help your customers and not promote just for the sake of promoting, without caring for your clients’ needs. As a consumer, you can only gain trust from them if you give them values. So, send regular updates to your subscribers to engage them and built trust with them. Once you have your credibility as a good information provider and gain their trust, your subscribers will naturally believe and trust you.

      Remember, we want long term customers but not just a one time buyer in order to do well in any kind of businesses. :)

      That’s where the importance of email marketing comes into the picture in helping you to engage with your customers and Aweber Service can definitely help you achieve this goal. :)

  5. Sienna says:

    I definitely need some help organizing my marketing efforts. My business has been doing pretty good, but I’m sure it would be better if I could focus my approach more. Aweber sounds like a good tool for doing that. Thanks for the post!

  6. KK says:

    Hi Alan,

    Great review. Personally, I’ve read and heard good reviews about Aweber as well. It’s certainly one of the top email autoresponders around. By the way, do you happen to have any good sms autoresponder to recommend?


    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi KK

      I have not use any kind of sms autoresponder. Therefore I cannot give you any advise on this. However, if in the future if I do come across one and use it and find it good, you will be the first to be informed and maybe another review in this blog.

      So, keep a look out in this blog in the future. :)

  7. Christian says:

    Using an email auto responder program seems like a very important element when it comes to communicating with customers. Manual transmission of numerous messages can be very tedious, as you pointed out, and that is where a product like Aweber comes in. You can certainly manually do all the work, though it will take you a lot of (unnecessary) time. Aweber just makes it much easier. Alan, thanks for this great review.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Christian

      I always like automation to a certain level to save lots of time. Remember, time is money. If there is a resource or tool that can make your work easier and save you time, it is definitely worth the investment in the long run.

  8. George Mars says:

    I was reading through some of your responses to the various comments you have received on this article, and nothing rings truer than your statement that “time is money.” It is an old adage that still rings true in modern business practices. Many of us feel like we can do everything, but to be successful we have to learn to put down our pride and utilize the variety of resources available on the market. Aweber seems like one of those products that can really assist your business in the long run, and save you time. Doing this simple math, the time saved will translate into you being able to do other things with your time, therefore doubling your productivity. With double productivity, money will be made twice as fast! Pair this with a few other products, and your gold as long as you have a good product yourself!

  9. Raphael says:

    A critical point to mention when it comes to marketing is that sending out newsletters and the like to customer’s emails makes for a personalized message to the consumer. In addition, these advertisements are direct. So often the ads we see are really just passive marketing techniques, which are fine in and of themselves. But, when they are paired together with the more personal advertisement contained in an e-mail, the effects can be astounding. Something I was just thinking of: Do you think it would be a good idea to extend this “personal” feeling by including a video in the email as opposed to strictly a text advertisement?

  10. Jessie says:

    These are some really great tips! For the newcomers to the online marketing scene, these tips may just come across as “mindblowing.” They are filled with valuable information on a very good product. Aweber is really a resource, almsost like a library. It’s not just something you buy, but rather something that benefits you in ways beyond the price of admission. I definitely recommend it!

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Jessie

      Sometime the tool is right in front of you but we may be too blind to see it since there are so many tools online these days. With a little direction given, then we see the existence of such good tools. Hope this review serve this purpose of pointing my visitors and subscribers to the right tools to use to help them succeed better online. :)

  11. Alex says:

    I have been using Aweber for quite some time. Alan, you have really done a great job of describing this product and what it can do for a person’s business. Aweber really seems like a “simple” product, but what it can do with little effort is just fantastic. While your review inevitably seems to “glamorize” this product, I can’t find much to complain about myself. Great job!

  12. Robert says:

    I have been visiting your blog here for quite some time, and have never really been let down by your reviews. Instead of skimping on the details like so many other bloggers, you really go into detail. Some people may be concerned that you don’t pull out too many negatives in your reviews, but I think this is a good thing as you only really hand select products that you think are virtually negative-less. We all want good products, not products prone to a lot of problems; or that aren’t going to be completely efficient. Given your experience in the online marketing industry, I think it would be wise to trust your judgement!

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Robert

      Thanks for the trust and I will definitely give my best shot for my reviews of the products published here in this blog. :)

  13. Reid Shaud says:

    Great review! You actually covered some valuable things here. I came across it by using Google and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the RSS feed, will be following you on my iphone :)

  14. pankaj garg says:

    Online population is growing day by day, so as the opportunities of earning money using web. This is a great text to help people in earning money online.This will help the starters to understand various concepts about earning money online

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi pankaj garg

      Email marketing with Aweber is just only one of the method (also one of the most powerful one) to help in your internet marketing effort.

      If you explore around this blog, you can find more strategies and resources that can help in your online business. Hope that these information in this blog can help you further with your online business.

  15. Larry says:

    Better sales is always what you are looking for. This product makes those sales go up. I’m so happy, thanks for the product.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Larry

      Start your email marketing effort right away and increase your sales. You will definitely see results soon.

      To your online success. :)

  16. Madhu Obhrai says:

    Wow this is amazing, awesome!! Weber communications Aweber -email autoresponder software, a high class marketing tool is like a Genie which keeps businesses organized , saves invaluable time and at the same time maximizes the marketing efforts by luring clients and boosting the profits. Imagine with a simple click of a mouse businesses can send mail ,newsletters, blogs , advertisements to thousands of their designated clients at their convenient time frame by this wonderful email marketing tool. This amazing tool’s many features include keeping a track and tab on who read , who clicked the ad link and what more it even informs if the mail sounds spam-like so that you can change and adjust your wordings accordingly
    In this digital age when online businesses have mushroomed a streamlined email marketing is imperative and this tool is a boon for businesses.

  17. seobuzz says:

    Aweber really helps you to connecting with your viewers. When viewership increases contacting them needs lot of work. But Aweber is the perfect solution to that problems. Its Effective email marketing helps viewers as well as webmasters.

  18. rakeshkumar says:

    Really and truly this is a great post .Thanks for the post. I am a blogger but did not hear about email marketing initially. You have provided the details and way of doing this. These tips are really of great use to a new blogger like me. I wish you all the success in your blogging. I hope to see you with more number of useful posts like this

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi rakeshkumar

      If you have been online for some time, you will always hear that “money is in the list“. So, start your email marketing sooner rather than later. :)

  19. Krisso says:

    Wow. It is kind of strange that I have never heard of email autoresponder software in the past, given the amount of time I have spent in marketing. Perhaps I am just old-fashioned, but this could really come in handy. I’m not always a fan of new technology tearing away at old ones, but this can really be a time and money saver even in the short term. These sorts of programs and online banking has really been some of the best technological advancements as far as I am concerned, just because they have some real use.

  20. Abby says:

    Nice, this seems like a very powerful tool for online marketers. Email marketing is no doubt one of the most effective strategies to use online. And with the right software equipped with features that are intended to maximize your email marketing campaign, then this sounds like a good investment indeed.

  21. erick says:

    Omg! this is really cool software. Imagine you can reply to all of your email by just having this software and this one will autorespond to each every one of the. This software is really good because even though you are busy and dont have the time to mail back this one will do the job. Well thumbs up to the creator of this software. I hope you will create more software that will help people in there daily life.

  22. sutamno says:

    seem pretty cool will make your job easier. look like it will be the right tool for internet marketer. thank for the review Alan

  23. Lily says:

    You are a genius! Imagine you were able to come up with this very wonderful invention! Anyone who is serious in accelerating his marketing should really use Aweber. This sounds really good! Thanks for sharing

  24. Rom Gold says:

    Absolutely well written content , Really enjoyed looking through .

  25. Curz3 says:

    It helped me to enhance my knowledge.Thanks.

  26. Fulenwider says:

    I want just to say thank you, Its a pleasure to read your article, Just keep updating it and we will keep reading it. Thanks.

  27. Hansford14 says:

    I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  28. Matt says:

    Glad to see another great review about Aweber. I totally agree with you! I’ve just done a trial of a number of different autoresponders and I must say, Aweber is definitely the best by far. It is user friendly and they have great service – at a good price. What more could you ask for?

  29. Jed says:

    Thanks for the tips here. I believe email marketing is one important factors to consider for your online business. Looks like email marketing is easier with the use of Aweber Email Autoresponder Software.Great review! Thanks for pointing out the essentials!

  30. Fukuda8 says:

    That’s great.very helpful,thanks a lot

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