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Article Video Robot Review | Online Video Marketing To Boost Traffic With Articles

Posted By: Alan Lim

Article Video Robot Review | Online Video Marketing To Boost Traffic With Articles

Article Video Robot is a reliable online video marketing service that turns any article into video with animation, music, graphics, subtitles and more. This Article Video Robot review will provide you with the best features of this service, as well as an Article Video Robot coupon that you could use to get a 50% discount!

article video robot

article video robot

What is Article Video Robot?

Article Video Robot (or AVR in short) is a unique service that will help you transform any article you have written, into a video, complete with music, graphics, captions, and just about anything you can think up! Unlike other online video marketing programs, AVR is a single program that allows you to transform your articles with simple, easy to understand steps!

Now, you might already be familiar with the concept of turning your article into a video, if you are involved in the world of online marketing. Online video marketing is a particularly fast growing lucrative market, after all—videos guarantee that the distribution of your product, service, or anything else you can market will reach a much wider audience. Some people might skim articles or not read them all together, but videos are something that anyone can enjoy and listen to. People are also much more likely to link and repost videos, spreading your video to even more people!

Because online video marketing is nothing new, you might be saying: “So what? What is the big deal about Article Video Robot?” I wouldn’t blame you! At first glance, the difference between AVR and any other online video program is hard to spot.

Article Video Robot

What Is The Big Deal About AVR—Why Not Use Another Program?

Article Video Robot is much more efficient and more cost effective than any other video editing software that you can purchase out there. Did you know that creating your own videos for your articles could cost as much as $100 or more? It’s true!

If you are making a video out of an article using your own resources, you may end up spending hundreds of dollars for a single article you convert! You must consider the price of video editing programs, the price of hiring any voice over actors, the cost of any video camera you need to purchase, the laborious time and effort many video editing programs require, and all the time and effort it takes to upload and distribute your video!

Not so with Article Video Robot! With AVR, all you need to worry about is having your article, knowing what you want, and following the easy simple instructions that the program provides. You can add graphics, captions, music, voice-overs and much more with the simple program. Article Video Robot even provides an easy means of distribution—how great is that?

Article Video Robot

Why Should I Use Online Video Marketing, Anyway?

Okay, so you’ve decided that Article Video Robot is an interesting program that costs much less than any of its competitors. But why should you transform your articles into videos, anyway?

I’ll tell you why: Online videos are much more marketable than online articles. A well-written article will be read by thousands, sure, but an interesting online video will expand that market one hundred times! Videos are an excellent choice for many different reasons. A video has an easier time of catching a viewer’s attention with fun or lively music and graphics, while an article simply has to make do with its writing and formatting. A video can be listened to, even if the viewer decides not to watch the video. An article cannot be listened to, and must be read attentively. A video can be spread, reblogged, and reposted with the click of a few buttons—there are even websites dedicated solely to reposting interesting videos! People are less likely to reblog and repost advertising articles, because there is nothing particularly interesting or captivating about them. An online video may have a great song, a great catch, and quirky graphics that someone decides to share with their friend and web-blog followers!

How Can I Try Article Video Robot?

You’re in luck! AVR is very easy to sign up for—and guess what? Sign up is free! Many similar websites might try to get members to pay huge fees up front in order to make up for low service fees, but this is not so with Article Video Robot.

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

AVR program have 2 options currently. The POWER PACKAGE cost 47USD per month while the Business Package cost 97USD per month. However, you will not pay this much if you sign up here today.

If you use the article video robot coupon limalan9950 here right now, you will get a 50% discount on your Article Video Robot purchase!

All in all, I would highly recommend Article Video Robot for your online marketing video needs. It is simple, easy to use, and incredibly affordable. Just try it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Article Video Robot


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52 Responses to “Article Video Robot Review | Online Video Marketing To Boost Traffic With Articles”

  1. Collin Fortworth says:

    This product looks promising, to say the least. Anyone who is interested in a program like this would be fortunate to stumble on your blog, as the 50 percent discount could definitely come in handy! The only thing I wish Article Video Robot had was a demo mode of sorts. Granted, it’s not exactly expensive to just try it out for a month, but still. It would be cool to go hands on with this, even in a demo mode, just get a glimpse of it myself. All in all though, it seems like a good product!

  2. Kevin says:

    Isn’t it amazing what sort of products are available on the market? You say video robot software has been around for quite some time, yet I have never heard of it until today. I stumbled across your blog and found this review was very recent, and I still find it hard to believe. I watched the video you included here as well, and I was amazed by the ease of use and the overall product. It feels very professional. It definitely seems like something that I will be looking into in the future!

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Kevin

      I completely understand that you “have never heard of it until today” because there are too many sorts of products online that it is impossible that we know everything.

      Although I have been in this online business for more than 4 years already, sometimes I still come across software that are useful but I did not make use of even though the software has been around for so many years.

      Hope that this review bring you awareness of the existence of the Article Video Robot so that you, as well as my subscribers and web visitors, could discover it faster and make use of it.

  3. Chris says:

    I am surprised how decent the videos look and sound after being created in this program. It is inherently simple and the step-by-step process makes things very easy, even someone is not very familiar with video software. I was especially surprised by the sound of the voice that does voice-overs. It sounded very professional, and it’s pretty amazing what software can do these days. It definitely seems like a worthwhile product to check out!

    Alan, thanks for this wonderful review!

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Chris

      You are most welcome. If you happen to sign up, remember to make use of the coupon code limalan9950 to get a 50% discount, available only at my blog :)

  4. Madhu Obhrai says:

    In this digital world your jaws drop seeing amazing products everyday and AVR is definitely one of them !! Article Video Robot is most amazing , innovative product which can turn a monotonous article into an interesting video with graphics, animation , voice overs, captions , music ,the works.. and would certainly be watched by thousands than the article read by few -no matter how interesting ! And moreover it can be embedded anywhere on social network sites or blog sites or business sites and is bound to take business to a new high. And to top it all it does not require the services of a technical expert, follow the simple step by step instructions and lo and behold the article converts into an animated video !! It’s a magical world for sure !!

    The demo video definitely shows how AVR can easily convert an article into an interesting video. This has really open up my eyes !!!

    Alan, this is a great review and thanks a lot for this.

  5. Angel says:

    Very interesting information on this product. This product looks extremely useful! Anyone into marketing would be very happy to run across this helpful article. This article is a great source of information.

  6. Courtney says:

    This seems like a great product. It would be great if marketers used this and made their articles into a video format. I was surprised at how cheap this would be to buy, and the discount is great too. Technology is amazing, everything about the video seemed so professional. And the voice-overs didn’t sound robotic or anything. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how well this product does. Alan, thanks for the review.

  7. dangdangkhoa says:

    Article Video Robot makes me very impressed. But I have not seen this program ever it can quickly convert the original that I had never known. And I think this product would be a promising product offerings in the future.

  8. Gebbie says:

    Awesome material, thank you! For someone who is learning and going through the entire process of internet marketing, I find the information here very helpful. I’ve been learning from close friends and colleagues in Philippines, in fact, they will be guests for Philippine Marketing Summit which is a live event that welcomes all internet marketers. I hope the information I will be getting from your videos plus information from the summit will help me build my online business. Thanks!

  9. gEa says:

    Practically speaking,this really is a simple but convenient way for online marketing. It really is true, I seldom or rarely read articles but videos always interest me. I am not into making article video making so I can’t have the discount or promo coupon sadly but you’ll never know this will come in handy for future use, with this knowledge in mind. And for friends who might not know this yet, I would love to share ^_*

  10. Atul says:

    Looks like an amazing concept! can’t imagine how this could be possible, but not expensive to try for one month! This would be interesting once I would have more articles in my basket! will definitely try for this one!

  11. rose valdez says:

    This is an excellent tools with proven track performance that best to used to advertise my products and services and so it would become more attractive to the readers. Surely, a video attached on my articles save me quality time unlike making my own and spend hours editing using other video editing tools where I am still amateur. This product is a good innovation which prove ideal companion for my rapidly expanding business.

  12. pankaj garg says:

    This seems to be great. I am amazed by the ease of use of this product. this can help a number of person including teachers to educate students interactively.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi pankaj garg

      There is no limit to what you can do with the tools that you bought. With a little innovation, such tools can help you progress better and faster towards the goal that you set.

      • Anant Agarwal says:

        i was able to convert my article to video with this software.. it even provided an automatic voice-over.. this is one amazing technology you have to see for yourself!

  13. tanaselan says:

    this a very good product which can boost our marketing value and traffic .A very good approach for marketing business.

  14. ivy says:

    Post more, i enjoyed reading your post!!.

  15. Andrew says:

    Neat! Really nice and idiot-proof interface. Looks like this will make things a lot easier for people while giving video makers and graphic designers a headache with the competition for work. I think it’s a great idea to empower people to get things done themselves. Thanks for this great article !!!

  16. Lily Green says:

    What a beautiful program! Indeed videos are more marketable than articles so Article Video Robut makes sense. I’d say it is even more wonderful to know that you are offering 50 percent discount.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Lily Green

      Using the coupon code limalan9950 for AVR is just the best that I can do for my subscribers and web visitors. Hope that it can at least help cut down some cost for you too :)

  17. Akshay kumar says:

    This product looks promising, to say the least. Anyone who is interested in a program like this would be fortunate to stumble on your blog, as the 50 percent discount could definitely come in handy! The only thing I wish Article Video Robot had was a demo mode of sorts. Granted, it’s not exactly expensive to just try it out for a month, but still. It would be cool to go hands on with this, even in a demo mode, just get a glimpse of it myself. All in all though, it seems like a good product!

  18. Keagan says:

    Wow. It’s amazing what new things people come up with every day! This product looks amazing to use. I have a friend who edits his videos with five different programs. Yes, I said 5! And this product makes it seem so much easier to just edit everything on just one simple program. And the cost of all these programs? Way too much money! This is already 50% off, so it’s insanely cheap! Great product!

  19. KK says:

    I share the sentiments with most of you. This product looks really promising. How many article video products did you try out before recommending this one or is this product new in the market?


    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi KK

      This product has been around for quite some time and have been getting good reviews which prompt me to use it and I am definitely satisfied with it. :)

  20. Stuart Khoo says:

    great sharing of you

  21. Jon says:

    good post

  22. Chris says:

    I read through your article and some of the following comments, then noticed you mentioned that we can sign up as a free member and try the program for free. Having that opportunity is really great to see. I am a musician, but have recently gotten into marketing as I am working on some side gigs to make some extra money online; and I have almost always had the opportunity to try music software before buying with the various demos and trial versions that companies put out. It really makes it easier to make a decision on what to buy and what not to buy. This video marketing tool could come in handy, especially for those people who don’t have a camera or are camera shy. Very cool!

  23. erick says:

    This product is really good one. This AVrobot will do it perfectly for you ,you are just gonna copy and paste and if theres something wrong just post a comment on it, i hope that this one will be out in the market so people who is interested on this thing will avail it as soon as possible. I hope the success of the creator of this and also the success of the people who will buy this AVrobot. Remember if you are curious on this thing you should give it a try maybe you ending up liking it and recommend it to friends. Keep up the good work Alan on your reviews.

  24. alvan loh says:

    A very impressive product. Now people no longer have to narrate their article and record it themselves. Very promising indeed.

  25. Lily says:

    I think it is really cheaper than its competitors. The POWER PACKAGE of 47USD per month I think is the best option for me. Videos are powerful so this is really worth trying.

  26. Zack says:

    How does this work? I wasn’t able to get the video you put in your blog to work. Does it just put the text in the video and then you can choose a selection of graphics and music that comes with the program? Or is it a voice over? Or does it randomly generate a video from the text?

  27. articledirectory13 says:

    Hello! I just would like to offer a huge thumbs in place for the fantastic info you might have here within this post. I’ll be coming back to your blog for more before long.

  28. jjtravel says:

    thanks ill be back

  29. purple.strada says:

    great blog here

  30. BurgertFlom37 says:

    Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I to find It truly helpful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to provide one thing back and aid others such as you helped me.

  31. Bohren8802 says:

    I thought your post was cool and will visit often.