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How I Lost My Job And How I First Started Online

Posted By: Alan Lim

I Am Finally Retrenched!!! Whats Next?


So you think it is not going to happen to you? Having a stable job for 10 years or more and earning an income of more than 60KUSD per year and expect to hold that job for long until you retire? Then, you maybe totally wrong!!! The world is so realistic and true!!!

While doing internet marketing before 18Jan2010 is just only part time, I am actually holding a well paid job as an engineer in a MNC company for almost 13 years. So, why the date 18Jan2010 as mentioned above?…

Well, on this date, a day after my 39th birthday, when I log into my company mail and check my mail, I got an email from the HR director to have a meeting with her at around 430pm in the afternoon. Guess what this meeting is all about? Yes, its about my last day of work in the company after having served the company for exactly 12.63 years. Yes, we are talking about RETRENCHMENT!!!!  FMPed!!! or VSS!!! (In short, your service is no longer required for the company and you have to pack up and go!!!) Yes, I am officially retrenched from the company and my last day of work is 29Jan2010.

Well, the word “RETRENCHMENT” is happening everywhere that time around especially the economy stability is still unclear. The moment I received the email, I knew that this day have finally come to me. Is this a shock to me? You will ask me this question.

All I would say is that I have already gone through so many rounds of these retrenchments cycles since I joined the company on 16June1997. This notice of my retrenchment of course did not come as a surprise to me and whether I am shocked or not, it does not matter as life have to move on and we have to be positive to look forward into the future.

Luckily, about 4 yrs ago on 13Febuary2007, I have started my first online website and start learning internet marketing for the fun of it and manage to make a sideline income (of course not as much as what I am earning in my MNC company) after 1.5 yrs into this online adventure.

When I first describe this online adventure to my friends and colleagues, most of them just look at me and thought that I am crazy to even think about this as a possibility to make money.   They give all sorts of reason that they are too busy with their work and do not have time to do anything like this for a sideline income at all. Of  course, I do not blame them at all as most of us are making quite an amount of money with our full time job. If you talk about not having enough time, all I could say that they are only giving excuses because they just don’t buy the idea about making money online. What about me when I first started. Do I have time??? Well, I am also holding a very busy job like them but time is how you define and how you find them. For me, time means 10pm-3am which is my FREE time. That’s the best I can squeeze out to find time for internet. The goal is, if you really want to do something, you can make it no matter what. Just that it takes effort and patients and lots of hard work to achieve it. As long as you have the heart and really want to do it, you can definitely make it as you will find all ways to make it happen. Whether it is about making money online, solving an issues or finding a new job, this concept applies to every situation.

My previous full time job with this company(I AM RETRENCHED NOW!!!) involves lots of traveling working in other countries and lots of my college friends envied me a lot because of the extra allowances given for traveling and the chances to visit many countries. This seems to be a dream job but what they do not know is the separation I have to endure for leaving my family in my home country for long period of time and the sacrifices that I have to make for leaving them alone.

Now that I am retrenched, in fact I am glad that I have started my online adventure 4 years ago and is now making some money to help me tide over this retrenchment , financially, and at the same time slowly building up my online business. Of course, I have some severance package from the company and this helps me a lot temporary to tide over this period financially.

So what am I trying to tell you with all the story above (Its no bull shit, its real and its happening to me now!!!)? Well, life is so unpredictable, whether in business or on jobs. Anything unexpected can happen anytime and to anyone. Do not just be comfortable with what you have now(whether its a stable job or business) as one day, you may lose them suddenly overnight, just like my job of 12.63 years!!!

I am blessed that I have started my online adventure 4 years ago and now have something to fall on for a while since I am RETRENCHED. I realized that your mind is really powerful and as long as you are positive, you can make wonders. If you think you can make certain things happen, you will find thousand of ways to make that thing happen. On the other hand, if you think that certain things are not likely to work, you will think of thousands of way and make it a failure.

So, what I am trying to say is that for the same situation or problem applies to different person, it will have different results. The positive thinking one will find thousands of ways to finally solve the problem while the negative one will immediately reject it and find thousands of way saying that the problem is impossible to solve.

So, even though I am retrenched now, I am now really happy than before. Although I may have lost a good annual income from this MNC company job, I have found something which I cannot buy with money. That is spending quality time with my family. Life is short and we should treasure whatever we have in life. Be positive and move on as looking back will not bring you anywhere. Do something about our life now as it is never too late. Whether you are having your own business or working for someone, nothing may last forever. Prepare for any unforeseen things that may happen.

If you are thinking of doing something that you always want to do, go ahead. Do not be afraid of failure as failure is a learning curve and the start for a new life. Do not keep holding back but try it out, gradually. Of course I am not saying that you should just give up your good pay job and go into business immediately. You can do it part time and slowly increase your business while still holding your full time job(just like what I did when I am doing online marketing).  Don’t wait till tomorrow as tomorrow will never come because tomorrow again you will say  “tomorrow I will do it”, which will never happen if you have the kind of “tomorrow I will do it” attitude!!!!

But before you proceed with any plans, you have to stay focus one thing at a time as staying focus is the way to do things. Theoretically, by doing many things at the same time, you may think that by having more opportunities, you may hit one that may work for you. But in practical and reality, its better to be in focus on one task at a time and make it right before proceeding to the next. This will be more efficient and the chances of success can be higher. You may not understand what I meant now but as time goes, you will come to realize there is a reason for being focus.

Lastly, what I advise is the positive mind that you should have. Its the way to go and never let any failure along the way to make you down. Take failure as the way to learn more and it is this learning curve that help to shape you up personally. Whether you are into any businesses or jobs, it is this learning curve that make you a better person in judgement and hence make you a better worker or improving your business gradually over the time.

Every things that happen have a cause and effect things. For example, at one time, I have been speculating in shares and lost tremendously over the 2000-2009 period and I believe a lot people is in the same situation before. I took this as a positive kind of “LOST” because of this LOST, I took up internet marketing on 13Feb07. Without this “LOST”, I may not have taken internet marketing and would not have something to fall back when I get retrenched.

So to conclude, I hope that everyone who have come to read until here would take a moment to think what they want to do in life. Stay focus and be positive and go for it. Face any failures that came and do not be dishearten along the way. I believe with the effort and time and patience in whatever that you have put into, one day you will come out as a successful person. Just be glad with what you have today and treasure whatever you have. Life is never easy and  nothing comes easy and we have to fight for everything if you want to be successful.

So what am I going to do now after I lost my job? I will be using this website to help teaching internet marketing online, to those who are willing to put in effort and time and patience in learning the curve in making money online. I know its not an easy task but if you never try, you will never know. I will try my best to put in all information that I have learned about making money online  in my website  and hope  to share with my subscribers who will benefit from it.

In my website, I reviewed products which are really good and I have tried out that can help you in your online adventure. I do not want you to waste all that money on useless products before finding one that can really help you. I have already gone through all these cycle of buying and testing. So much money was wasted on these useless products. However, it may seems useless at first to me, but come to think of it, without doing this, I will definitely not find the right product that can help me greatly. It is all part of the learning curve. So, at least I hope I can help you in the right direction and save as much as possible as the testing and elimination part is already done by me and you do not have to spent so much money on useless products.

I don’t call myself guru. I am just putting all the information that I have learned and all the things that I have tried out so that my subscriber have a proper guide in learning the curve of making money online.

If you succeed, I will be happy. If you do not make it, it shows that I am sucks. Hope that we can work together and make life better for the future. But be prepared to work hard and be patient as success is never an overnight thing.

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153 Responses to “How I Lost My Job And How I First Started Online”

  1. Rachel V. Mata says:

    Your blog is indeed very inspiring for I have been through the same problem lately. I retired from my job of almost 23 years with one of the government-owned corporation in my country, the Philippines, last January 2004. Afterwhich, I did Tax accounting for some businesses in my home province on the side. I also worked for a foreign-funded project of the government but due to some personal reasons, I resigned and took the job offered by a businessman in my hometown for a full-time job. I heard of this on-line job several years ago through a job search engine in which I was enrolled in 2003. Lately, this on-line job was featured in the news in our country. My interest to this kind of job grew stronger as I know for sure what I am making now is not enough for my family’s needs specially that my son will be in college three years from now.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Rachel V. Mata

      Nothing is permanent whether it is a job or a business and there are many things that we will not know what will happen in the future.

      But for sure as in a working class, no matter how hard you work and how much you can work,there is only 24hrs per day and 365days per year, the amount of money you can make is limited. Whatever you can save will also be quite limited and will definitely, most of the time, not enough for a comfortable retirement.

      It is advisable to find some sideline income just like me and now after losing the job, I am not taken by surprise suddenly and came prepared. Having multiple and passive incomes is very important if we want to have a proper retirement so that we do not have to worry much in the future financially.

      So, my advice is to start early and it is never too late to start :)

  2. Warren Quiah says:

    Dear Alan,

    Your self confidence and positive thinking helped you a lot to over come all the problem after you have lost your handsome job.

    Life is very short, to look back of your sad experience make your progress slow, something good from past will encourage you to proceed and establish in life.

    I have many sad part of life which has thrown me in deep sea and I am still a drowned person and trying my best to rescue myself and never being disheartened , of course time I become upset but again trying heart and soul to over this problem.

    Please pray for me, after all you are a nice person.

  3. Alan Lim says:


    Life is full of unpredictable situations. Whatever difficult situations that you may have gone through or in right now, you will learn something from it and be a stronger person. I know that one day you will definitely resolve your bad situations and emerge as a stronger person. Stay strong and try to resolve any issues with a brave front and I know that you will definitely overcome your problem very soon and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  4. Impressed says:

    Alan Lim. You’re WOW!

  5. kushagar says:

    hello dear plz guide me how to earn through internet .i had been scammed two to three times please let me know if i can work online to earn a decent living i m ready to put the hard work help me out.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi kushagar

      Follow closely my blog and the report I gave out in my main webpage, that should set you the pace to learn the rope of making money online. It takes time and hard work to achieve this. So, be patient and learn at your own pace and put in your very best.

  6. NicKoh says:


    Thanks for sharing. It is very encouraging for people who had just started or thinking to go into IM.

    I would very much like to learn from you. If you are orgainsing class or gathering to teach on IM please count me in.


    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi NicKoh

      I am glad that you look me up as a mentor to teach you. I have send you a personal email and will try my best to help you on your road in internet marketing.

  7. Sabeen Masood says:

    nice and inspiring

  8. Radhikaa Suresh says:

    Dear Alan,

    Your own experience is awesomely inspiring. Perseverance, patience, focus and dedication will definitely be paid its own reward.

    Even I wish to learn IM through your goodself.

    I am looking for some genuine online work as I told you earlier due to domestic pressures and also a decent income. Of course as others say we are afraid of SCAMS and definitely cannot afford to loose the little hard earned money which we have.

    If it is really genuine we can put our all-out efforts and make it. I count on you for this.

    Thanks for all help

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  13. sultan ahmad says:

    nothing is impossible for willing mind. confidence and positive thinking awake your inner strife you a lot to over come all the problem after you have lost your meaningful job.
    Life is the name of struggle,now i comes to know that do not look backward while you lost something but thought about your next task.u lost position give u lesson that how u lost your previous task and b careful to next time your lost position already give u a lesson of wining you just look back of your past experience make your progress for energetic work , something not bad from past will encourage you to worked and establishing goal in for long life.

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    I am in a great need of earning something for my family as i am 47 years old and had a terrible loss in my business. So, can you provide me some guidance about how to make money through this process.

    Kindly reply me soon or you can email me at —

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Digamber Singh Bisht

      Follow my blog closely and it should get you started.

      Making money online is like a business so there is no such thing as overnight success.

      It need a lot of hard work, time and patience and lots of actions before you see any results.

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  45. Trupti Bhatnagar says:

    Dear Alan,

    Your positive thinking attitude motivated me a lot. I saw many people after losing their job they are very frustrated and depress in their life. But your BLOG is very much inspiring for me as well as for all of them also.
    If anybody wants to do something beyond the boundaries, they can do any thing in any situation.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Trupti Bhatnagar

      Like I always like to say that you will only learn if you fail. So failure is never a failure as long as you take it positive and learn from it. Only through this failures and constant learning cycle that one will improve and grow. I just hope that this blog can help to motivate anyone one out there that it is not the end of the world even if you fail, no matter how bad it can be. You are what you are and the only one who can decide how you want to move forward.

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