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Making Your Website An Effective Internet Marketing Tool

Posted By: Alan Lim

Making Your Website An Effective Internet Marketing Tool

A website could be an effective internet marketing tool if you set your direction right. Therefore, you should bear in mind what is your purpose in setting up your website. If you can carefully design and develop it, it could either make or break your online business. Continue reading if you want to know more how you can succeed better with your website…

How To Make Your Website A More Effective Internet Marketing Tool

Atomic Blogging Theme

Atomic Blogging Theme

If you have been doing online internet marketing, it is very important that you can setup and able to maintain your own website. If your online website is well designed and developed, it can definitely be an effective internet marketing tool. However, you have to ensure that your website should at least have all the basic features and necessary elements in order to be able of great help in your marketing activities.

If you have been visiting a lot of websites, you will realize that not every single website can be an effective online internet marketing tool. In fact, many of the websites that you may have seen are developed for personal use only. To be able to standout and also to help in your marketing effort, you need to make sure that your website can enable you to advertise, promote, and selling products and services. You can easily help to ramp up your online website and make it ideal as your marketing tool.

Setting The Goals Of Your Website

As mentioned before, putting up a website without the necessary direction is not a wise move. You must be clear with your own goals and objectives. If you have the intention to use your website as an internet marketing tool, then you should start thinking of strategizing when you formulate the name as well as the address of your website. Getting an effective marketing or company name (for startups) can also help.

If you know where your site will be heading, it will be easier to put all other aspects of it in their rightful places. For business and marketing purposes, strive to make your online website an effective one. There are several tips and techniques you should observe.

Have An Effective Web Design

Take time to study effective and strategic web designs. It will not help if your site looks cluttered and disorganized. Internet users are easily annoyed if they do not think your site will be helpful and interesting. It is best to keep your design minimalist and simple for easier navigation. Also use the right color schemes. Never turn your site into an online circus.

When designing a site intended to be an effective internet marketing tool, be sure to include basic features that will enhance usefulness. Do not forget about sitemaps, links, and section heads. Designate specific parts or areas for posting advertisements and marketing messages.

Put Up Effective Content

The content is the soul of every website. Make yours full of information. Online users search the internet for useful data and knowledge. If they can find those in your site, they will surely stay there for long and perhaps keep on coming back. This way, your site can truly be an effective internet marketing tool.

Use search engine optimization to make your site’s content effective and easily searchable by the search engines. Do not forget to sprinkle it with affiliate marketing links or links to your sales pages to maximize the website’s usefulness.

The WordPress Blog Theme I Am Using – Atomic Blogging Theme

If you have been following me for quite a while, you will notice that my blog design have totally changed. It looks cleaner and more attractive than before if you may agree. I have changed my wordpress theme to the Atomic Blogging Theme. Thought that you may be interested in this layout.

The Atomic Blogging WordPress Theme

Hope the above POST gives you some insights on how to setup a good website to become an effective marketing tool. I would like to hear your views and all comments are welcomed.


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28 Responses to “Making Your Website An Effective Internet Marketing Tool”

  1. Vivian says:

    Hi Alan, I was impressed when I visited your website yesterday. I love your new look. It is so neat and nice to read. I also can see a major improvement on your writing style. Awesome job man! :-)

  2. BS says:

    Brilliant all the information offer in this post. BloggS45

  3. Taran says:

    Wow! That’s a really neat answer!

  4. tomsbabyjenna says:

    I agree that if your site isn’t set up in a user friendly way people will go find a site that is. People today want quick and efficient and won’t take the time to scroll through a lot of junk hoping to find what they need. Some color and background images can help your site look attractive but like you pointed out to much looks like a circus and is distracting. Feel free to experiment and see what you like best. My advice is when you feel comfortable with what you have created is to have a trusted friend or family member view it. This way they will give an honest critique but deliver it in a way that is helpful, this way you know how your site is viewed from others eyes.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi tomsbabyjenna

      I agree to what you say. It is through my friends’ regular comments and feedback, I slowly started to improve my website design. If wouldn’t have been them, I wouldn’t see what other would see and only through constant feedback, you can then improve your website for better progress.

  5. Chris says:

    This is a really great article that you have written here. It is very straight-forward and to the point, but it manages to cover many of the obvious; yet often avoided parts of running an online business. It seems that some people think that sales and traffic are miraculous acts. In reality, they are merely the product of a lot of hard work and dedication to making one’s website look good and easy to navigate. Not to mention, having a site filled with good and useful content.

  6. Jerry says:

    The information you posted here are very notable. I couldn’t agree more to the fact that when you do internet marketing through your websites, you really have to consider those factors. And I do noticed your new blog design. Looks simple but the contents are great. I think I have to try that theme!

  7. Gina says:

    I like the new look as well! It is clean, easy to read through, and gets right to the point with your content as a site should. I’ll look at the Atomic Blogging WordPress theme – maybe it will work for my site as well.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Gina

      The Atomic Blogging Theme indeed is great and looks clean. Not only that, it is easy to install as a plugin and you do not require any program knowledge to make your web layout design look great. This design definitely looks much better than the last one that I used.

  8. Aaron says:

    This is a great overview! I agree on all points. However, I’d like to see more specifics on increasing the effectiveness of ads. Do you have any tips for proper, placement, frequency, quantity, etc?

  9. Allen Hanks says:

    While the information provided in this article seems relatively straightforward, it is often taken for granted. Individuals starting up a business, or just looking to host a business or product they have already developed and been marketing, may easily forget some of these basics without even realizing it. The excitement of building a website, or starting out on a business venture can sometimes put a person’s mind into a bog. With that said, it is important to have secondary people who can critique and comment the work you put into your site. Great article!

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Allen Hanks

      Sometimes, if you keep things simple and focus on the fundamentals and basics, instead of making things look so complex, you can get things work and help in your business. :)

  10. Gabriel says:

    I have used WordPress myself, and I must say I like the theme you have selected for this website. It is very streamlined and easy on the eyes. If only more blogs were structured so well. In addition, the information you provide in your articles is invaluable to those starting up websites. Your blog is really just a one-stop location for people looking to get on their online feet.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Gabriel

      I have tried many FREE WordPress Theme plugins but none of them are good compared to the Atomic Blogging Theme I am using now for this blog. Although there is a premium to pay for this Atomic Blogging Theme, it is all well invested money as I got so many feedbacks from my subscribers and web visitors that they liked my blog new look compared to the FREE themes that I have used before.

  11. Mallory says:

    I’m also writing to let you understand of the beneficial experience my cousin’s girl developed reading through your site. She learned a good number of things, most notably what it is like to possess an awesome giving heart to make other folks smoothly completely grasp a number of specialized matters. You truly surpassed our expected results. Thanks for displaying such effective, healthy, edifying not to mention fun tips on that topic to Emily.

  12. Jacky Tan says:

    YOu are my Big Fans!!! I learn so much these few month and start earning some good money online! Thanks Alan :)

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Jacky Tan

      Great to hear that !!!

      It always feel good to see comments like this and people are learning from my blog. Keep up the good work and make more money online !!!

      Cheers and to your online success :)

  13. Howie says:

    While this article is fairly straight-to-the-point, there is a lot of truth behind these general themes. Some people who start blogs seem to expect content and a structured method of producing quality content, web design, and the goals of their website to fall from the sky. In reality, these things all take a lot of hard work most of the time. Many of the largest websites you can think of started off with a concrete plan, and slowly evolved into something larger and greater. But, those sites inevitably followed basic rules of thumb which are presented here in this article and across the internet. They are undoubtedly important.

  14. Jill says:

    I’m brand new to blogging and would love to make it a part-time or full-time job. Where can I get information about how to set up a goal other than “make money from it”? My blog won’t be about making money online – it will be hobby based.

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi Jill

      Blogging with passion is always the way to go and making money with it will come natural as time goes by. It is not an overnight thing that you will start making money and it takes time. It is only with passion it will keep you going in writing good POST that will eventually attract traffic, which in turn will lead to the road of making money with it. In addition, with the tips that I provided in all my blog POSTs, I hope it can give you some good ideas of how to go about making money online :)

  15. Paula says:

    Well, this is an example of an effective content. Very informative and detailed. I believe the overall look of your website also matters to people accessing it. Make sure it’s clean and readable.

  16. Mcclarin6806 says:

    We just couldnt leave your website before letting you know that we really enjoyed the useful information you offer to your visitors… Will be back soon to check up on new posts

  17. Landon Tayloe says:

    You made some clear points there. I looked on the internet for the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.