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How To Make Money Online For Beginners | Live Internet Business Event By Ewen Chia And Patric Chan Review

Posted By: Alan Lim

How To Make Money Online For Beginners | Internet Business Live Event By Ewen Chia And Patric Chan Review

If you are looking for a “how to make money online for beginners” guide, then this maybe for you. Intermediate to advance internet marketers may also be interested in this.

The internet business live events conducted by 2 of the top internet marketers, Ewen Chia and Patric Chan is definitely one of the best internet seminar events. Participants from as far as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, UK and USA have even flew in especially to attend this event, which explained why people are paying so much to attend such seminar to hear from successful multi millionaires like Ewen Chia and Patric Chan.  Checkout the video to get a glimpse of what the internet business live! is all about and also the detail review of the event…..


Live Internet Business Event Review

This seminar is a little different from the one conducted last year which I attended known as GIS2010(Global Internet Seminar 2010). In GIS2010, there are quite a number of IM GURUS who gave their speeches in the 2 short days and each speaker have quite a limited time to present themselves. In GIS2010, it was the first time I saw Ewen Chia face to face and the presentation is not as impressive as what was given in this personal seminar he conducted with Patric Chan.

The GIS 2010 type of seminar is more of a selling type of the IM GURUS courses. Not too much of information and secrets are revealed in that seminar. This could be due to the reason that too many GURUS have attended and each have limited time to present their knowledge and secret and if you need to know more, you need to get into their courses. Ewen Chia was one of the presenter and at that time, I have to say frankly he did not really catch so much of my attention because of the limited time he has and what he can share. Patric Chan was not there at that time.

What Is This Live Internet Business Seminar All About ?

In this live internet business event held in Singapore on 19-20th Feb 2011, it was 2 full days internet business live seminar event held by Ewen Chia and Patric Chan. It was their own seminar. This explained why they have all the 2 full days to themselves and what were shared were really impressive. I could tell that compared to the GIS2010, it is more like sharing 80% of the secrets and knowledge these 2 IM GURUS have accumulated over the past years they are in Internet Marketing, and 20% of selling of their hands on courses for the in dept learning of most of the secrets that were revealed in the seminar. This is unlike the GIS2010 in which 20% are sharing and 80% are of more selling, in my opinion. This is purely because of the limited time they can have to share with the audience in GIS2010.

The seminar is not purely sharing of secrets and knowledge among the 2 GURUS alone but it was conducted in a fun and interesting way that also got the audience involved as well. There are also some intermediate IMers also present in the audience crowd who also care to share with their experiences and this is definitely another eye opener from true, real live people who are already making money online like me. In addition, Ewen Chia and Patric Chan also each try to dig out from each other so that more useful secrets and resources are shared. Whether they are good actors or are truly and honestly sharing, only you can judge for yourself if you have attended the seminar and at least from my personal point of view and from the conversation I have with them personally later offstage, I found that they are true honest people who will go all their way out to help anyone who are interested in Internet Marketing and learning to make money online. Questions and answers session are also opened to the audience to get to clear any doubts occasionally.

As a regular reviewer of seminars and useful resources and tools provided by some of the available IM resources online by different internet marketers, I found that Ewen Chia and Patric Chan is another 2 IM GURUS that I can look up to, in addition to another IM GURU in which I have sign up his course on Jan2011(you know who I am talking about if you have read my previous blog POST).

Each has their own style of presentation but all of these GURUS are similar in one way or another and the stuff they taught actually overlap with each other and from my own personally opinion, in fact 50% of the stuff they taught are similar. What they differ are more on their own proprietary software each may be using to carry out part of their online business.

Did I Buy Any Of Their Courses

After attending this seminar, so did I buy any of the courses? The answer is “NO”. You may ask me why…Because their courses are no Good??? The answer is “NO” again. Their courses in fact are great and are definitely a good start especially for newbies. Like I mentioned, I have already attended one course by another GURU in Jan2011 and have yet to fully master some of the new strategies I have learned in the course. I always would like to remind anyone who has came online to just purchase one thing at a time and start talking actions and see results before investing back for more educative courses. Taking actions is the key to success but buying one course after another without doing anything is definitely a failure.

That explain why I will not get into any of Patric Chan or Ewen Chia courses at this moment as I have yet a lot of actions to take from the previous course. However, Patric Chan or Ewen Chia courses will definitely be in my mind and will be my next investment courses in the near future.

In the seminar, it was also mentioned that internet marketing is not all about what you know but also about who you know. This is true and valuable and this is where the social networking part of the equation comes into play with internet marketing. That explain also why I attended this seminar, partly for networking purposes with like minded people. In fact, in this seminar, I have met quite a few friends and also get the chance of possibility of doing Joint Venture. This is something I can never achieve if I just sit in front of the computer at home working all by myself.

So Did I Acquire Anything From The Seminar?

Yes. I did acquire something from the seminar after certain considerations.

From my list of subscribers, I knew and got feedback from quite a number of people from other countries who would like to attend this seminar but do not have the chance to do so due to financial issue. I totally understand that as flying in just for the seminar can cost you thousands of dollars if we consider the additional cost like flights and lodgings, depending on where you are coming from.

Based on the above facts, I considered myself to be lucky to be in this part of the world(Singapore) and can attend the seminar at an affordable price. Many people wanted to attend this seminar but could not due to geographical location and financial consideration. Therefore, now is the chance for anyone who did not have the chance to attend the seminar to get a live digital recording of the 2 days seminar, plus bonuses worth hundreds of dollars.

This Is Where The Picture Came In Of What I Acquired From This Seminar

Ewen Chia and Patric Chan team have the whole seminar recorded in digital.  With great honor to be able to work with these 2 top multi millionaires, I managed to acquire the license  and become an authorized distributor of this digital LIVE recording of the seminar, known as “The Internet Business Live Video Home Course” which comes with some tremendous bonuses. This product was acquired with my subscribers’ feedback in mind which I hope that they can share the benefits which I have gained from the seminar. I do not want them to miss them and also hope any visitors to my website benefit from it too. For more details, continue reading.

The Live Internet Business Event Seminar Digital Recording And Bonuses

In this seminar digital live recording, in addition to the live digital recording, you will also get a lifetime update and access on “Internet Business Basics” Step-By-Step Videos. This entire video training series will guide and teach you on the essential basic skills of internet marketing and making money online. These skills MAKE YOU MONEY!

With these series of videos and the seminar digital recordings, you have no more reasons and excuses not to learn when you have these videos right in front of you.

Below is a glimpse of the series of videos you can expect to come with the purchased of the digital live recording of the seminar and more.

1. The actual digital live recording of the seminar.
2. Basic Internet Tools – Zip Files, PDF, Capturing Image
3. Basic Internet Tools – Creating Audio Files
4. Basic Internet Tools – Uploading Files, Using Paypal
5. Basic Internet Tools – Using Clickbank
6. Registering a Domain
7. Your Hosting Account – Part One
8. Your Hosting Account – Part Two
9. Creating a Squeeze Page Using Free Templates
10. Add Video and Audio To Your Website
11. Creating Slide In Box and Download Page
12. Creating a Redirect Page
13. Setting Up Your Autoresponder
14. Setting Up a Blogger Blog: (3 Videos)
15. Creating Graphics Using
16. Creating a WordPress Blog(4 Videos)

Additional “How To Get Traffic Videos” are also included with the purchased, you can expect the following :
1. Download a PDF Traffic Guide
2. An Introduction Video
3. Video On “Article Marketing”
4. Video On “Social Bookmarking”
5. Video On “Yahoo Answer’s Targeted Traffic”
6. Video On “Thoughtful Blog Commenting”
7. Video On “The Power of Blogs”
8. Video On “Using Squidoo For Traffic”
9. Video On “Using Hubpages For Traffic”
10. Video On “Using Keyword Research”
11. Video On “Press Release Distribution”
12. Video On “US Free Ads”
13. Video On “The Power of Craigslist”
14. Video On “Content Remains King”
15. Video On “Working With Youtube”
16. Video On “Fun With Facebook”
17. Video On “Creating A Presence In Forums”
18. Video On “Creating Your Own Affiliate Program”
19. Video On “Fun With Twitter”
20. Video On Creating Your Own “Bait”
21. Video On “Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)”
22. Video On “Using Ebay For Traffic”
23. Video On “Search Engine Optimization”
24. Video On “Encouraging Bookmarking On Your Site”
25. Video On “Stumbling Upon Your Site”
26. Video On “The Power Of RSS Feeds”
27. Video On “Directory Submissions”
28. Video On “Buying Adspace”
29. Video On “Working With Bit Torrents”
30. Video On “Networking With Others In Your Niche”
31. Video On “Participating In A Link Exchange Program”
32. Video On “Ezine Advertisement”
33. Video On “Offline Advertising In Newspapers & Magazines”
34. Video On “Do You Digg”?
35. Video On “Filling Gaps With a Custom 404 Page”
36. Video On “Be Bold And Daring”
37. Video On “Purchasing Leads/Renting a List”
38. Video On “Getting Traffic From Amazon”
39. Video On “Expired And Related Domain Names”
40. Video On “Unleashing The Power Of Resell Rights”
41. Video On “Buying Text Links”
42. Video On “Offering Incentives For Links”
43. Video On “Joint Ventures In Your Field”
44. Video On “Don’t Let Your Site Get Stale”
45. Video On “Creating A Community With A Forum”
46. Video On “Encouraging Interaction With Your Visitors”
47. Video On “Reach For Testimonials”
48. Video On “Find Out What People Want To Hear”
49. Video On “The Power Of The Tell A Friend Form”
50. Video On “Outsourcing Your Traffic Generation”
51. Video On “Expanding On What Works”
52. Conclusion Video

Future updates, if any, will be added too. With all the above videos given as a bonus to the seminar digital live recording, they alone are worth hundreds of dollars.

This explains why I decided to acquire the license and become an authorized distributor for “The Internet Business Live Video Home Course”  so that people who wanted to learn about internet marketing and making money online could benefit from it. This is definitely one of the best collection of resources for anyone, from newbies to intermediate and advanced marketers who can make full use of the resources to either get started their online adventure or for bringing their online business to the next level.

What I can say that this single purchase is in fact the best combination that cover almost everything that you need to know about internet marketing and making money online. If you have been searching around on the internet, you may or may not agree with me that there is no one single purchase of other resources that will or can cover this much.

Who Should Purchase This and Who Will Benefit From This?

A “How to Make Money Online For Beginners” Guide(Newbies)

Being an intermediate internet marketer who is already making a full time income online, I have previously joined and paid an internet marketing course conducted on Jan2011 which I have reviewed in my previous blog POST. From this course in which I attended, I can say more than 95% who attended are newbies. The observation I have made is that in this 3 full days intensive crash course, many people are struggling with how to set up their website and understanding the basic technical part of setting up their websites as well as understanding the basics of internet marketing.

From my best of knowledge, I felt that if they were to prepare themselves before hand and understand the basics first before attending the class, it will benefit them more as I felt they could spend the 3 full days in zooming down the actual problems and issues that they have faced before and getting it resolved during the class. After the 3 days course, I realised that most of them will then begin to face with the actual problems and issues and by this time, you only have limited time to get them resolved based on the after support that you may have after the course.

I know that it is not easy to start with but once again, to get prepare first, you also need to be discipline and be committed and spend some time to take the necessary actions too before the class. If you have the intention to join any of the courses by any of the top internet marketers GURUs, this  “The Internet Business Live Video Home Course” and the bonuses is definitely a good DIY (do it yourself) “how to make money online for beginners” preparation resources and guide. In this way, during the actual hands on workshop that is of much higher price which you will attend, you can make full use of the time and get the most out of it instead of getting blur throughout the course (which most of the people are in the class I attended in Jan2011). This is just my advice and the final say is still up to individuals.

If you are disciplined enough and willing to work hard and be patient, consistent and persistent, this DIY purchase alone can get you started and make your first thousand online easily.

For Intermediate to Advance Users

For internet marketers in this category, you may or may not agree with me this purchase will definitely benefit a lot of newbies/new beginners. However, we can still benefit from these resources too as I believe you may have not implement all the strategies even if we are aware they exist. For people who are already in this stage, you should have already know that focus and doing one thing(or one strategy)  right at one time before jumping to the next is very important for your online success. You may agree to this or may not but this is what I believe at least from my point of view.

Without any further delay and keeping you in suspension anymore, check out the banner below right now to secure your copy of the “Internet Business LIVE Video Home Course” with all the bonuses as described above and more at a very affordable price !!!

Latest Update On Internet Business Live 2 !!!

After more than 6 months of the first “internet business live event” on Feb2011, Ewen Chia and Patric Chan are here again for the “Internet Business Live 2” that will be held on 24th-25th September 2011 in Singapore.

For those who have missed or attended the event on Feb 2011, here is another chance to attend the sequel where more new things will be revealed after 6 months.

Again, below is the link to the upcoming event:

Internet Business Live 2!!!


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      There will be no such seminars held anymore as the 2 GURUS have mentioned in the seminar.

      However, the event was recorded and made available here :

      Internet Business Live Video Home Course

      Also inclusive with the bonuses mentioned in this POST above.

      This will save you thousands of dollars if you are to attend the seminar in Singapore, considering the flight tickets and lodgings for flying all the way down here in Singapore…especially for people like Marc who came from Canada.

      This recorded LIVE Home Videos will be definitely be worth your investment, instead of having to spend so much to attend the seminar if you are coming from another country far away…unless you are willing and have the extra cash to spend :)

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      Hi Jenn

      The Internet Business Live Video Home Course definitely is a good place to start with if you are new to this online business. It help to get your basics and fundamental right before moving on and the price are considered very very low compared to the thousands of dollars that you need to pay if you are to attend a workshop.

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      Good Luck !!!

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  38. Alan Lim says:

    Hi All

    Latest News Update. After more than 6 months of the first “internet business live event” on Feb2011, Ewen Chia and Patric Chan are here again for the “Internet Business Live 2” that will be held on 24th-25th September 2011 in Singapore.

    For those who have missed or attended the event on Feb 2011, here is another chance to attend the sequel where more new things will be revealed after 6 months.

    Again, below is the link to the upcoming event:

    Internet Business Live 2!!!

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