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Setting Up Your Own Blog | Simple Steps You Can Follow To Make Money

Posted By: Alan Lim

Setting Up Your Own Blog  | Simple Steps You Can Follow To Make Money

Setting up your own blog is a fantastic way to make money through AdSense or affiliate programs and can also be a fantastic choice for branding your own business products. However, there are many people that don’t know how to set up a blog and monetize it right to make money from it. In this article, we are going to cover the simplest ways to set up a blog and how you can start driving traffic to it.

When it involves trying to pull in money from a blog, you actually have a couple of options. Your first choice is to get a domain name and put up a blog on your own hosting. Another option is to open a free account with since you can use AdSense and recommend affiliate programs when using their system. Still, you will not want to use a free WordPress blog as if you try to promote affiliate programs, you sometimes can end up WordPress canceling your account. But as I stated a while ago, you will be able to create a WordPress blog on your own domain, if that is the way you wish to go.

If you decide to get a domain to setting up your own blog, you can easily set up a WordPress blog with a pushbutton option in your cPanel account. This alternative is better so that you build up your individual site and not something that is owned and controlled by others. Choose the free alternative for starters though if money is tight and you can’t afford to pay for hosting and a domain name.

After you have your initial blog ready to go, you will have the option of adding AdSense and making other affiliate recommendations. Try to begin blogs that focus on topics you like so you will not have any issues adding posts regularly. This is actually key to improving your search engine ranking for that particular blog. Be sure to avoid being pushy when it concerns your affiliate promotions. Tell people who read your blog what the product can do for them and leave a link for the product, but never, ever try to push people into ordering as you will end up making them leave your blog.

In addition, you need to promote every blog entry on your blog. Article marketing is the best way to get this done because you can create links to each blog entry; alternately, you may use social bookmarking to create links. Over time, people will see that you are a niche expert and they will be more inclined to purchase products you advertise. These are some of the simple steps you can follow to setting up your own blog and you will be a successful, lucrative blog owner before you know it.

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2 Responses to “Setting Up Your Own Blog | Simple Steps You Can Follow To Make Money”

  1. francisinno says:

    Hi Alan, sorry, I missed to key into your information because i had go for exams. Am back.
    I had a site , pls how do i make money out of it, traffic is slow. Pls guide me out of this mess, so many scaming on line, am broke now because of dubious pro internet scammers, I just felt you will be more genuine to me. can you plug me into one of those soft wares that will turn me from this dark part into a glimse of light even for a short while?

    • Alan Lim says:

      Hi francisinno

      Making money online takes time, effort and alot of hard work and persistence before you can succeed. I hope that you understand this and hope that this blog can help you out. Take the time to go through most of the POSTs I have posted here in my blog. It has lots of information and try to absorb it slowly. Hope these POSTs can give you insights and help you in many ways.