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Selling Ebooks Online | Can You Really Make A Profit

Posted By: Alan Lim

Selling Ebooks Online | Can You Really Make A Profit

There has been a constant stream of people selling ebooks online for the last two decades. Underlying this trend is the fact that people are always looking for information in one form or another and will spend money for it if necessary. And people still use the internet to find information whether it be in the form of practical ‘how to’ guides or problem solving. In this article, we will be talking about how and why ebooks are still a terrific choice for anyone looking to make money online.

I will say it again for emphasis, that those who need information are quite happy to pay for it. And if you have a guide online that they find that will answer their questions or help them to solve a problem, individuals will end up purchasing that information from you. The downside is that making your own ebooks and selling ebooks online will call for both time and effort. Before you can publish your electronic book, you may have to spend many weeks simply gathering and organizing all the information and then you might need to pay someone to build you a site if you don’t know how.

Don’t despair because there is a way to profit from selling ebooks that doesn’t involve ebook creation or the need to put up your own site. You can actually order ebooks these days that can then be legitimately re-sold as if they were your own work. Not only do a number of websites have resale rights ebooks, but they can also provide you with a site as well to sell them from. You’ll find it so straightforward to do that you may want to set up say 5 ready made websites a day each one offering a different ebook for sale.

Ebooks you can re-sell are easily found on the web costing roughly 10 bucks which also covers the cost of your ready-to-go web site. Or, you might want to sign up with a membership web site where you get download access to thousands of ebooks on various themes. Joining one of these member websites will perhaps cost you more or less 30 dollars a month. Then it’s a case of buying a domain name and hosting for each of the ebooks you intend to sell. Get a hosting account where you can add unlimited domains which will cost approximately ten bucks per month. You will additionally be able to find .info domains for approximately $2 for the first year.

The next thing to do is copy your ebook site onto your hosting server and put a ‘buy now’ link with your details onto the webpage. For every ebook, simply repeat the process to put as many ebook sales websites online as you want. Obviously, you will need a stream of visitors to your site so promotion is crucial. As you know, no visitors equals no chance of selling ebooks online, ie no sales, so you must find a way to advertise your web site to draw to buyers’ attention.

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