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The SEO Elite v4.0 is out and it is one of the SEO software by Brad Callen available in the internet. It is one search engine optimization software tools which all webmasters must have. It provides very valuable information and advises and the tools greatly helps in reducing your time and effort for optimizing your websites in order to get your website indexed faster, get higher PR faster and in turn drive more targeted traffic to your website. It is greatly recommended and the after support provided by Brad Callen is highly commendable as he does not leave you alone even after you bought this product.
I have just started my first website here and have bought SEO Elite to optimize this website. Just after going through his easy to follow step by step guideline provided  FREE(download the FREE SEO guide at the end of this webpage to learn more) and using SEO Elite software by Brad Callen, my site got indexed within the 1st week in the internet. This may not be a great achievement for most of the experienced webmasters but for me as a totally new IM and working only 1 hr a day parttime to get to this stage for my 1st ever setup website with zero prior experiece in IM, it is considered a good starting point. To learn Search Engine Optimization is not difficult and with the assistant of SEO Elite software make it even much easier.
But do not buy SEO Elite until you have read the following summary to get an idea of what you can expect in this software. Like I say, download a SEO eBook worth more than $89 absolutely FREE!!! at the end of the webpage to learn more about SEO before deciding getting a copy of SEO Elite.

Project 1: Analyze backlinks using a specified search engine 


This project analyze your competitors' backlinks based on some of the major search engines. The program show you what IP address , what anchor text , the PageRank, the Page Title  and the Alexa Rank of the websites that are linking to your competitors' websites. The program also tell you how many outbound and total links the page has. It also shows you a list of how many PR0-10's and their percentage that are linking to the site.


Project 2: Get Links to Your Website 

This project allows you to find and get links to your websites based on different options you may select as below:
  • Find High Page Rank websites using a keyword.
  • Find High Page Rank Websites using a competitor.
  • Find Link directories using a keyword.
  • Copy the links on an existing links page
  • Manually enter links
  • Add links from another project

After having selected one of the options above, SEO Elite provides an easy way of setting up a template for you to sent emails to the the list of email addresses obtain above to request for links exchange from the potential websites. This greatly reduce your time and effort to search and get  high quality link partners

Project 3: Analyze allinanchor, allintitle or allintext.

This project allows you to analyze the top ranking websites based on the keyword you have entered for allinanchor, allintitle, or allintext. The number of top ranking websites you wanted to see could be set in SEO Elite.

Allinanchor will show you the top number of websites based on the particular keyword in their anchor text.

Allintitle will show you the top number of websites based on the particular keyword in their title tags.

Allintext will show you the top number of websites based on the particular keyword in the body of their webpage.   


Project 4: Verify that link partners are still linking back. (Reciprocal Links)

This project allows to check whether any of your link partners are still linking back to you if you have participated in any of the Reciprocal Link Exchange . All you need to do here is just to specify the location of your link pages and SEO Elite will do the rest of the job. Once the result is out, you can sent out a email to them asking what has happen to your links  or you can decide whether to remove their links from your webpage if there are no replys. This greatly save your time and effort to keep track of the reciprocal backlinks to your website.


Project 5: Find out where your site is ranked for a given keyword:

This project allows you to see where your Search Engine Ranking is, based on a certain keywords that you have entered. SEO Elite allows you to save the results so that you could compare in the future to see whether your Search Engine Ranking have dropped or improve.


Project 6: Find out how many webpages are indexed.

This project is a great time saver as it allows you to enter any domain name and returns how many pages from the domain name entered are indexed by the major search engine.

Project 7: Find possible authority websites.

This project allows you to find super quality websites which may become a potential quality link partners. The program shows you what the top 10 are doing to get their rankings based on a certain keyword you have entered and return the list of possible quality websites that linkback to these top 10 websites. The websites that are linkback to this top 10 ranking websites will then be a high candidate of a potential link partners of yours.

Project 8: Submit your articles to articles directory

This project allows you to easily and quickly submit your articles to the most popular directories online. Over here, you write up your article and fill up the necessary information in a template and save it. You only do it once and when you submit your article online, it will automatically fill in the fields at the articles directories websites and is really  a huge time saver. For directories that required logins and password, all you need to do is to create your login and password only once for that particular directories and the login and password information will be saved in SEO Elite and you will be able to sent article the next time without having to login again as all these will be done automatically. This project saves you a lot of time in submitting to the articles directories

Having summarized all the advantages, still cannot decide whether you will get the SEO Elite software?
As promised, please do not buy SEO Elite until you have downloaded the FREE gift I am about to give you below. I am trying to help anyone who is interested in SEO to gain more knowledge and help them in their internet business. So I am giving this eBook Title SEO Made Easy (worth $89!!!) absolutely FREE and you can decide later whether you wanted to buy SEO Elite which is one great product I have purchased myself.
Make good use of this FREE ebook and see you soon to become part of the SEO Elite user.





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