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Background On Search Engine Marketing

Wondering where it all began? You don’t have to wonder any more. Take a look at the history of search engine marketing in this article.
As you probably already know, search engine marketing is big business today and if you’re an Internet marketer it’s definitely something you should be involved in.  Before you jump in, however, you might be interested in learning more about this newest and increasingly popular method of connecting with new customers.
Search Engine Marketing History
As more web sites began to be added to the Internet, people started relying more and more on search engines to help them find what they needed.  Most of those search engines didn’t charge anything to list web sites but then pay per click engines were introduced around 1996 as a way to fund the engines and to give Internet marketers an early way to boost their rankings.  The first pay per click service was Overture and it was purchased by Yahoo who still uses its basic idea as part of their paid search engine marketing service.  Later, Google AdWords became an even more popular but similar service for Internet marketers.
During these early years, this strategy didn’t have a name.  Then in 2001, Danny Sullivan who was the editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land developed the name “search engine marketing.”
The good news is that search engine marketing is becoming more popular than ever.  Between 2002 and 2006, the budgets for this method of marketing have increased across the board by 750%.  That’s even though this form of marketing is also one of the most affordable.  In fact, all advertisers in North America in 2006 combined spent more than $9 billion on search engine marketing.
Search Engine Marketing and You
Now that you understand a little more about search engine marketing’s history, you may be starting to wonder how you can begin using this method to advertise your own company.
First, you need to establish your keywords.  These are critical to the success of your marketing efforts. Choose at least a dozen words and use them as the focus of your marketing campaigns.  Make sure these words have a good search volume.
Second, bid on how much you will spend per click for each of these keywords and fund your account at one or more of the most popular pay per click search engine marketing services, such as Google Adwords.  The more you agree to pay per click the higher you will rank but you may also deplete your account faster.  Try to find a balance that will maximize your traffic and minimize your expenses.  Use trial and error to find that balance.
Third, make sure you provide a high-quality landing page at the other end of that link.  The landing page should grab the individual’s attention and make them want to click-thru to learn more about your product or service.  Make sure your landing page is easy to navigate and that your content is informative and persuasive.
By following all of these steps and paying careful attention to the results of your efforts, you should begin to see your search engine marketing efforts pay off in the form of higher traffic and bigger revenue numbers. 

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