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How To Make Money Easily With Your Blogs

Blogging has been the big thing in the internet after emails. But the big question of how to make money with your blogs is also the answer that most bloggers have been searching for. Is that possible? Well of course it is possible and you can actually make big money online if you know how!!! If you want to learn more, continue reading to find out.
The concept of making money online through blogging has actually taken the internet world by storm. If you have not started one, then you have actually missed the boat on one of the most profitable way to earn extra cash online. So, to answer the question of how to make money with your blogs, you first have to know what are some of the easiest ways to do it. If you are one of the bloggers looking for an answer, then you have come to the right place.

Ways To Make Money

With so many options available on the internet, it has never been so easy to earn extra cash through your blogs. You will be surprised that big name like Google can actually be your partner in venture to make money with your blogs. So, how can such multi billion company help you to make money online through your blogs and why would they want to co operate with small timers like us?
Placing Advertisements In Your Blogs  
Company like Google actually have advertising programs in which advertisers paid them to advertise their services or products or anything through them on the internet. So what do the advertisers have to do with publishers like us who only have websites or blogs? Well, with the advertising programs, they also have corresponding program in which websites or blogs can publish these advertisements.
In Google, they have what we call Adsense. When you signed up with any one of their programs and place a code in your websites or blogs, you will start displaying their advertisements.
How To Make Money With These Advertisements

Remember that advertisers pay Google to display their ads in publishers’ websites and blogs. People like us who have websites and blogs are also known as publishers. So the way it works is that whenever a visitor to your websites or Blogs clicks on an advertisement, you will be paid on a certain percentage of what the advertiser paid to Google. In this way, the more visitors you have and the more advertisements they click on in your blogs or websites, the more you will earn.
This is not money making scam as all the advertisements shown will be relevant to the content of your blogs and websites and thus giving more options and information for users to find what they are searching for online. This is a perfect program as it gives all parties a good experience. As a publisher and the company (like Google) which offer the program itself, both of you get to earn part of the advertising cost when someone click on the advertisement. On the other hand, the advertisers get to advertise their products and services and might make some money out of it.  And also not forgetting users of the internet, they get extra relevant information of what they are looking for online. So, isn’t this great for everyone?
Do Not Try To Cheat
However, please do not ever think of cheating this system of making money just by starting to click on your own advertisements, hoping that you can make lots of money out of these clicks. If you do that, you are doomed. Google have ways to detect fraudulent clicks and once detected, your account will be banned and you can forget about getting into their programs again. Appealing to them normally has slim chances of reinstating your account. This is because such fraudulent activities cannot be tolerated at all. The whole idea here with their program is to provide everyone with a good experience and not to rip off advertisers with their money in advertising. Just imagine, if you are one of the advertisers, do you want such fraudulent activities to happen to you? Of course not!!!
In addition, also try not to ask others to click on your advertisements as Google also have a way to detect it too. If you think that you are smarter than Google and try to cheat, you will definitely regret. So, take my advice and do it the right way and start making money with your blogs!!! Also before posting the codes in your websites or blogs, read the TOS (Term Of Service) posted by these big companies in order to prevent any unnecessary ban from them by unintentionally doing what are against their TOS.
Other Way to Make Money With Your Blogs : Affiliate Program
Does this answer your question of how to make money with your blogs? In fact, this is not all the answer. Another way to make money online through blogs is to display affiliate links. So, how does affiliate program work?
With affiliate program, you are actually acting as the middleman between a company who are trying to sell their product or services, and the buyer of such products or services. What you do is to put an affiliate link in your website or blogs and whenever a visitor clicks on this link, they are directed to the products or services which the affiliate company is trying to sell. If the visitor bought something through your affiliate link, you get to earn a commission which sometime can turn out to be quite attractive and substantial. As a result, you get to make money online through affiliate marketing.  There are 2 such companies with such affiliate programs. You can check out Clickbank and ComissionJunction and sign up with them if you intend to make affiliate marketing as one of the strategy to make money with your blogs.
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