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Why Internet Article Marketing Can Help Boost Traffic And Sales


 Why Articles Submission Can Work For You

There are many reasons why articles submission is gaining such popularity as a way to boost business:
• It’s cheap: Submitting articles to directories is virtually free of cost. That means that without much investment, you get to see traffic visit your site in no time!
• It’s effective: Statistics show that by submitting articles online to various article directories, you create one-way back-links to your own website. The more the people who use your articles, the more your chances at increased traffic because of the article resource box which contain the backlink to your own website.
• No risk: There’s no risk associated with articles submission. It’s all through trial and error. If at the beginning things don’t seem to work out as planned, you can always try fine-tuning the articles to get more effect.
• Quicker ROI: You get to see results very soon. So, as soon as you start your articles submission campaign you can almost immediately start seeing results. More and more people will start visiting your website in no time through the article resource box which have a link back to your own websites!

Get To Boost Sales More Often

You can literally see your sales skyrocket with articles submission. In fact, from the newly started small-scale businesses to even well-established Fortune 500 companies – all of them are taking advantage of this great tool. The fact is it is cheap, has low risk and is effective is enough to get any business interested. After all, what do they have to lose? If you’re a start up, you’ll find this tool to be best suited for you. It’s because unlike other tools like PPC etc., this tool is free of risk.

Make Your Articles Work For You!

You can use a wide selection of articles for promoting your business. What’s more, with articles submission you can submit more than 1000s of articles each day. Plus, you get to boost the popularity of your business. There are literally thousands of established and reputed article directories which help to give you that extra advantage. You can submit any article of choice - from general articles about your business, to the range of products and services you offer, to emerging trends in your industry vertical to many more. You can use various formats too – from one-pagers, to case studies, whitepapers, brochures, etc.
Widen Your Reach And Visibility
With articles submission your business can increase its reach worldwide. In fact, it is such an effective tool that it can establish your global presence in a very short time span. If it’s an upcoming product launch, you can circulate press releases to publicize the event. Or if it’s to showcase a portfolio of clients, you can submit case studies that illustrate your potential. Articles submission can promote your business – no matter what the occasion. 
Outsourcing Your Articles
If you find writing articles too difficult, there are freelancer out there who are willing to do the job for you at a small fee. One good website is at Freelancer. Over here, you could find good writers who are willing to write articles for a fee. Signup with Freelancer if you want to outsource your article writing. If you have skills like doing logo design, website creation, writing articles etc, you can also check out Freelancer and be a member ( no fee required to sign up as a member of Freelancer) and start offering your services and make some money with the skills and talent you have. It maybe difficult in the beginning as you need to built up credibility before people start seeing you as an expert in your area before they are willing to invest in you in providing your service to them.
In addition, I would like to say that Freelancer is really a great place to get articles and I use to outsource all my articles  here for almost 3 years. It is really worth the investment to get your articles here.
Additional Tools For Helping You To Research And Write Articles
As mentioned above, I outsourced all my articles previously (for almost 3 years) before I started to write my articles after losing my job (you can read the full story how I lose my job and ending up full time internet marketing by clicking on the link Here).
Initially, when I first started to write my own articles, i have problem writing lots of them to pump out as many articles as possible. Then I resolve my problem on this by spinning articles. When I said spinning articles, it means to generate lots of unique articles from a single article that you have written. That means that you write just one article and then use a software to spin into many versions , all looking unique and can be submitted to the article directories for exposure without the duplicate content issue when submitting them. Like I say, I used to outsource my articles and I used to spend 1000USD per month just for outsourcing articles. Now that I write my own, I use a software known as The Best Spinner . When I first bought the software, I found it truly amazing and only have to spend 47USD per year subscription fee to use this software. This have save me 950USD per month from outsourcing .The output results of the spun articles are truly amazing and of high quality and readable, unlike most of the other spinner I have used before. But it seems that the price have recently gone up to 77USD per year as it is getting very popular. So, if you don't get now, you never know how much it will be going up later on. This software is  developed by a genius know as Jonathan Leger and he has this amazing software designed to end your trouble of getting tonnes of readable high quality articles spun with just a click of the button. Right now, he is offering a 7USD 7days trial to test the program first and if you want to continue, you will be charged at 77USD for a recurring sales annually. Unlike when I first sign up, there was no trial at all and started at 47USD per year. I am considered lucky to jump in first and felt that there is no need for a trial as this is really an amazing program and I am the lucky ones to get at 47USD. However, you should get now even at 77USD per year as I am not sure when he will increase the price again. Visit The Best Spinner to find out more about this amazing product.  It is definitely worth your investment. If you are lucky enough, you may get to post your testimonial(only invited email from Jonathan Ledger) on their website and have a link  back to your own website in the testimonial. I was honored to get to post my testimonial in their website and manage to get some free traffic from the best spinner website to my own website for some time. You can find my website URL goodinternetmoney.com among the many testimonials posted by other marketers who have great success with this software.
So, head on to The Best Spinner today to find out more.
More of Jonathan Ledger Other Article Research Software
Another great software by Jonathan Ledger is know as  Instant Article Wizard PRO. I have not personally used it myself  and so cannot post my personal review here. But the demo looks truly amazing too and I would like my visitors to know the existence this product too. You can click on Instant Article Wizard PRO today to know more.

Proof Of Me Using Article Marketing As My Main Source Of Website Traffic
You can find my name “Alan Lim” in Ezinearticles to see that I have submitted more than 2000 articles for the past months (and many more years to come), which is the one of the best method I have concentrated to bring in all those long term targeted traffic to my site and also increasing my search ranking. You can see that in my website about making money online, its all about actions and no B.S stuff and the proof you have seen if you check out the link “Alan Lim” on the number of articles I have submitted so far. So why do you think I have spent so much time and effort submitting articles  and will continue doing so for many years to come? This is because I found this is the most power method in bringing long term targeted traffic to my website in the long run and have make me the extra money autopilot after putting in so much time and effort. I am really glad that I have made article marketing as the main source of my website traffic and now I am enjoying an autopilot income with my hard work. 

Turn Any Articles Into Live Talking Videos In One Click!
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